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The Shame of Iraq – Zoltan Zigedy

Marxist Theory
Social Democracy in the Service of the Ruling Class – International Communist Review

The National Question
On the Referendum on Scottish Independence – Tommy Morrison

US Labor Movement
Top Officers Oppose Re-fighting Iraq War – United Electrical Workers

The White Right’s Impunity – Glen Ford

Anglo-American Imperialism
Give Credit Where It is Due – Andrew Murray

Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions
Jewish Voice for Peace Hails Presbyterian Vote – Cecile Surasksy

Cuba and the Cuban Five
For a New International Financial and Monetary Order – Raul Castro

Interview with Ramon Labanino Deisy Francis Mexidor

Obama’s Pivot to East Asia
Foreign Policy Bait-and-Switch – Jack A. Smith

Convention and Pre-convention Discussion
In 1945, a New Norm – Phil Benjamin

“Why Should I Join the CPUSA?” – Chris Butters

International Communist Movement
For a Debate on the Basis of Arguments – KKE

Memorandum to My Fellow Zillionaires
“I See Pitchforks" – Nick Hanauer

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Boot-licking Journalism – Zoltan Zigedy

System Change, Not Climate Change
A Left Solution to Climate Change – Jack A. Smith

Labor Movement
The Ukraine Crisis and the New Cold War – UE General Officers

The Racist Edge of the US Housing Crisis
America Under Water – Peter Dreier

Socialist State Enterprise Will Always Predominate in Cuba (Eng.; Esp.) – Cuban Trade Union Movement (CTC)
On US Media Warfare Against Cuba – National Assembly of People’s Power

The Recolonization of Africa
Boko Haram is a Blessing for Imperialism – Glen Ford

European Election Roundup
On the Results of the Elections – CP Greece
A Changed and Changing Landscape – CP Ireland
On the European Elections – Portuguese CP  

US Imperialism
Chaos and Early Death in Honduras – W. T. Whitney, Jr.

The Inaction of Russia is Dangerous and Deadly – CP Russian Federation
The Incredible Discipline of the Western Corporate Media – Paolo Bassi

The Biggest Election 
Results of Lok Sabha Elections in India

Earlier Postings

Beyond Piketty: The Democratic Conundrum – Zoltan Zigedy

Ukraine Crisis
Follow the Money – Stephen Gowans
America Brings Hell to Ukraine – Margaret Kimberly
US Plans for Ukraine, 1996 – National Security Archive

Marx in May, Lisbon
The Soviet Collapse Reconsidered – Roger Keeran and Thomas Kenny

International Communist Movement
On the Necessity of Joint Struggle, with a Revolutionary Strategy –  Giorgos Marinos

Cuban Five
How Much Longer? Obama and the Cuban Five – Ricardo Alarcon

Marxist Theory
Human Rights: a Marxian Perspective – Zoltan Zigedy

Labor Movement
Historic Canadian Labor Convention Elects New President – Stuart Ryan
On the Mine Disaster at Soma – CP Turkey
USA is Bad Jobs Country – Glen Ford

The Land of the Free
America: the Majority Does Not Rule – Jack A. Smith

Colombia-FARC Peace Talks Slow Down – W. T. Whitney, Jr.

Highlights of Pre-Convention Discussion
Let’s Use the Best of Electronic and Print Media – David S. Bell
Let’s Not Discard Valid Concepts – John Vago
Origins of Our Crisis – Les Bayless