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Is There Life After Social Democracy? – Zoltan Zigedy

What's in the $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill?
Long-term War Spending Buried in Omnibus Bill  Sarah Lazare
“Cromnibus” Bill Allows Existing Pensions to be Slashed – Lambert Strether

Labor Movement
Union at University of California Backs BDS – Palestine News Network
Free Ramon, Gerardo, and Antonio – Canadian Labour Congress Leaders

The Implications of Ferguson
Prosecutors Give Immunity to Killer Cops – Glen Ford

Annals of Imperialism
David Ravelo: Courage, Repression, Solidarity – W.T. Whitney, Jr.
Why Assad Refuses to Step Down – Stephen Gowans
Imperialism and the Politics of Torture – James Petras

International Communist Meeting, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Common Actions Agreed in Ecuador
On the Work of the 16th International Meeting – CP Greece

Marxist Theory
Some Characteristics of Opportunism in America – Pavel Blanco Cabrera & Héctor Colío Galindo

Cuba’s Extraordinary Global Medical Record Shames US Blockade – Seumas Milne


Recent Postings

Where the Money Leads   – Zoltan Zigedy

The Cuban Five
Together by Christmas” – Campaign to Free Ramon, Gerardo, and Antonio (Eng.; Esp.)

International Communist Meeting, Ecuador
Contribution of Greek CP – Giorgios Marinos
Contribution of Portuguese CP

Ferguson, Missouri
The Ferguson Struggle Has Already Altered Black Politics – Glen Ford

Annals of Imperialism
What Kind of Walls on the Way? (Eng.; Esp.) – Iroel Sanchez

An Election Postmortem
US Voter Turnout is an International Embarrassment – Bernie Sanders

Labor Movement
Labor in Lorain, Ohio Defends Political Independence – Bruce Bostick
Interview with French Trade Union Leader – Matthieu Bolles-Reddat

Mexican Communists
Mexican Party Congress in Oaxaca    
Jose A. Cruz

When Will the Cops Stop Killing Us?  – David Michael Smith

Twentieth Century Socialism
Causes of the Collapse of the Soviet Union (Eng.; Fr.) – Roger Keeran
The East German Influence after 25 Years – Philip Oltermann

Draft Statement of Principles – Network of Communist Clubs


Recent Postings

Why Are They Afraid of Thomas Piketty? – Zoltan Zigedy

Money in Politics
US Midterm Elections to Cost $4 Billion –

The Bomb
Bury the Bomb Before It Buries Us – Jack A. Smith

Marxist Theory
The Struggle of the CPV against Opportunism – International Communist Review

Annals of Imperialism
1918: A Report from the Front – Michael Parenti
Reflections on Venezuela: Political Assassination and Counterrevolution –  W.T. Whitney, Jr.
Washington’s “Moderates”: Nazis, Violent Sunni Muslim Fundamentalists  –  Stephen Gowans

The Dispersal of Black Urban America Begins – Glen Ford

The Ebola Plague
Ebola, Capitalism and the Idea of Society – Rob Urie

The Economic and Political Causes of the Ebola Epidemic – Vicente Navarro
Duty Calls – Fidel Castro

20th Century Socialism
Why Did East Germany Really Go Under? – Victor Grossman
Czechoslovak Socialism – “Freer “ “More Fun” – A. Vltchek, M. Kohout

From "We are Tired of War" to "We are Tired of Imperialism"
– Wayne Nealis


Earlier Postings

ZZ on the Nature of the Economic Crisis – Political

Cut the Workweek
The Future of Work, Leisure, and Consumption – Juliet Schor

A Cycle of Presidential Capitulation
Barack Obama as “Jimmy Clinton” – Jack Rasmus

US Attorney General Eric Holder Departs
His Legacy: Impunity for the Rich, the Death of Due Process – Glen Ford

US Imperialism
The Myth of Syria’s Moderate Rebels – Stephen Gowans
How Many Wars is the US Fighting? – Timothy McGrath
War Without End – The Guardian, Australia

Ebola Epidemic
Cuba Sends Even More Doctors to West Africa – Telesur

The Greatest Achievement of the German Working Class, Thus Far
Sixty-Five Years after the Foundation of the German Democratic Republic  German CP

Latin America
Sorrow Season: Terror in Latin America – W. T. Whitney, Jr

Class-Struggle Labor History
The Fight To Preserve Blair Mountain – Paul Nyden

Book Review
Gerald Horne’s The Counterrevolution of 1776 – James Thompson

Book News (Eng.; Esp.)
Another Spanish-language Edition of Socialism Betrayed