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Labor at the Crossroads? – Zoltan Zigedy

Colombia Peace Talks Advance in Havana
Report of US Delegation Alliance for Global Justice

On the Victory over Fascism, May 9, 1945
We Have the Right to be Marxist-Leninists Fidel Castro

An All Too Rare Victory on Trade Policy
The Defeat of Fast Track AuthorityLori Wallach

Honored by Socialist Cuba
MLT Editor Walter Tillow Recognized for Solidarity Work – The Editors

Dependent Politics
Bernie Sanders: Sheepdogging for Hillary Bruce A. Dixon

Communists Meet in Eastern Ukraine
The Struggle Against Fascism CP Greece

2016 & The Antiwar Movement
Derail Hillary, Rand, and All the War Hawks Wayne Nealis

Without a Stitch
Western Hypocrisy Goes Naked in the Middle East Stephen Gowans

Right-wing Social Democracy
What is Behind Michael Brie's The Tragedy of Party Communism? – Roger Keeran and Joseph Jamison

Book Review

Tom Hayden's Listen Yankee! – W. T. Whitney, Jr


Recent postings

Capitalism, Environmental Crisis, and Socialism – Zoltan Zigedy

For Solidarity with the People of Venezuela  –  Communist Parties
Obama's Legacy Set to Fail in Latin America – Eva Golinger
United Electrical Workers on Venezuela – UE Officers
Fidel Meets with Venezuelan Youth –  Alina Perera Robbio

Upcoming UN Conference on Nuclear Nonproliferation
Who Are the Nuclear Scofflaws? – Larry Wittner

Historic Summit of the Americas in Panama
Remarks of Cuban President Raul Castro
Brave April Days in Our America – W. T. Whitney, Jr

To Make Sure Black Lives Matter
For Black Community Control of the Police – Glen Ford

Canadian Labor Movement
An Historic Victory at York University – Sam Hammond

On the Imperialist Pyramid – CP Greece

Interview with Michael Parenti
Michael Parenti on Politics and Academia – Carl Boggs

The Unknown Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra and the Popular Front – Gerald Meyer

Book Review
Van Gogh: a Power Seething – Mike Donovan

Earlier Postings

Imperialism’s Trusted Governess – Zoltan Zigedy

Another Attempted Coup in Venezuela
Threatening Venezuela, Obama Declares War on the Continent Carlos Aznárez
Venezuela’s Failed Coup: Danger Not Over – CP Canada
WFTU Rejects US Threats against Venezuela
The Imperial Eagle Persists in Its Dreadful Flight – Manuel E. Yepe
Cuban Declaration at Extraordinary ALBA Summit – Raul Castro

Obama Prepares Total War against Venezuela Erika Ortega Sanoja

Black Studies
W.E.B. Du Bois and the Radicalization of 21st Century Black Studies – Anthony Monteiro

A Page from the History of the Black Left
The Harlem Riot James Collins

Health Care
New Health Care Law Does Not End Discrimination – Kay Tillow

Labor Movement
Strategy of Mass Struggle Needed to Defeat Trade Deals – Ed Grystar

Cuba Today
Heightened Socialist Challenge – Portuguese Communist Party

History of an Infamy (Eng.; Esp.) David Ravelo

Book Reviews
Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys – Reviewed by David Michael Smith
Only One Thing Can Save Us – Reviewed by Blair Bertaccini
Indigenous Peoples’ History of US – Reviewed by W. T. Whitney, Jr

Lessons from 20th Century Socialism
An Interview with Thomas Kenny –

Two Upcoming Conferences

National Antiwar and Social Justice Conference; Second National Labor Fightback Conference The Editors