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The Chronic Crisis, with Worse to Come? – Zoltan Zigedy

Iraq and Syria: The US Goes in Deeper –  Jack A. Smith
Four Myths About Obama’s War on ISIS  – Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

In the Aftermath of Ferguson
Ferguson Demands a New Black Politics – Glen Ford

Obama Fails to Act to Stop Deportations  – David Bacon

Mexican Communists Gather in Oaxaca (Eng.; Esp.) – CP Mexico


Red Futures: Debates in Indian Communism – Vijay Prashad

The New Venezuela
An Interview with Justice Fernando Vegas  – Dan Kovalik

Epidemic: Cuba Sends Doctors, US Sends Troops
Cuba's Ebola Team: The Largest Sent from Any Single Country – World Health Organization

Palestine: What To Do Now?
From Gaza: the Outcome of Our Battle Depends on You – Electronic Intifada

International Labor
An Action Program for Transportation Labor – TUI–Transport, WFTU

David Ravelo: Colombian Prisoner of Empire –  W. T. Whitney Jr

Book Review
Latin America’s Turbulent Transitions – Stan Smith
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We’re Moving Again – MLT Editors

Democracy Soiled: The Case against the US Ruling Class – Zoltan Zigedy

Racist Police Brutality
Ferguson Versus the Counter-Insurgency State – Glen Ford

Labor Movement
US Auto Workers: 100 Years and Still at $5 a Day – Ed Grystar
Stop the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) – Trade Union Left Forum

US Immigration Policy
Children Deported to Central America Are Getting Killed – J. P. Massar

The Guns of August, 1914 & 2014
It’s Evolved Since 1914, but Imperialism Still Rules the World – Andrew Murray
Commemorate the WW1 Centenary by Dissolving NATO – World Peace Council

Cuba and the Cuban Five 
Breaking the Wall of Silence about the Cuban Five – Bob Briton
The Political Role of Cubans Once Excluded –  W. T. Whitney, Jr.


Wallace Shawn Translates ADL Ad into Plain English – Ali Abunimah
Liberate Yourselves by Liberating Palestine – Desmond Tutu

Western Leaders Fear-Monger to Mobilize Support for Airstrikes on Syria – Stephen Gowans
ISIS is the New “September 11” – Kemal Okuya

Recent Postings

The Shame of Iraq, Once More – Zoltan Zigedy

Solidarity with the People of Gaza – CP Israel
Not Much Palestine Remains. Step by Step, Israel Erases it from the Map – Eduardo Galeano
Another Eruption in Israel’s Permanent Colonial War against Palestinians – Stephen Gowans

The Siege of Detroit, a War of Black Urban Removal – Glen Ford

Communist Forum
Questions on the Unity of International Communist Movement – CP Greece

A Changing World Balance of Forces
It‘s Time to Know a Little More about Realities – Fidel Castro

Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism
US Still Funds Political  Groups in Venezuela – Associated Press
An Anti-Imperialist Trade Union Conference (Eng., Esp.) – Kay Tillow, Walter Tillow

Is Cuba Turning Back to Capitalism? – Roger Keeran, Thomas Kenny
Roots of a Cruel Immigration Policy – W.T. Whitney, Jr.

War Danger
Break the Silence: a World War is Beckoning – John Pilger

An Organization of Revolutionaries is Needed – Lenny Brody

Earlier Postings

The Shame of Iraq – Zoltan Zigedy

Marxist Theory
Social Democracy in the Service of the Ruling Class – International Communist Review

The National Question
On the Referendum on Scottish Independence – Tommy Morrison

US Labor Movement
Top Officers Oppose Re-fighting Iraq War – United Electrical Workers

The White Right’s Impunity – Glen Ford

Anglo-American Imperialism
Give Credit Where It is Due – Andrew Murray

Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions
Jewish Voice for Peace Hails Presbyterian Vote – Cecile Surasksy

Cuba and the Cuban Five
For a New International Financial and Monetary Order – Raul Castro

Interview with Ramon Labanino Deisy Francis Mexidor

Obama’s Pivot to East Asia
Foreign Policy Bait-and-Switch – Jack A. Smith

Convention and Pre-convention Discussion
In 1945, a New Norm – Phil Benjamin

“Why Should I Join the CPUSA?” – Chris Butters

International Communist Movement
For a Debate on the Basis of Arguments – KKE

Memorandum to My Fellow Zillionaires
“I See Pitchforks" – Nick Hanauer