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Book Reviews
Steve Early's Save Our Unions 
Ed Grystar
Frances Goldin’s Imagine a Socialist USA  Mark Anderson
Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century
Charles Andrews
Walter Johnson’s River of Dark Dreams
– W. T. Whitney, Jr.

Labor Movement
Partnership and the Two-Party Treadmill   – Joe Greene
WFTU Leader Speaks to French Unions – George Mavrikos

What Really Happened in Ukraine?
Jack A. Smith
The Kosovo Precedent   – World Peace Council & Others
Reflections on Ukraine and Regime Change – Michael Parenti
U.S-Instigated Violent Coup Against Ukraine - Executive Board U.S. Peace Council

“Dark Money” in US Elections
How Sean Noble Moved the Kochs’ Cash into Politics and Made Millions  – Kim Barker

Struggles for Equality
Reinstate Dr. Anthony Monteiro and Reinvent Higher Ed
Glen Ford

World Communist and Revolutionary Movement
Issues of Relevance in the Ideological Struggle 
Albano Nunes

Cuba and Cuban Five
Report of International Commission of Inquiry on the Five, London Voices for the Five

US Brazenly Admits Intervention in Venezuela
La Alborada

Obama: “The More Effective Evil”
Putin-Basher and Preventive Detainer
Glen Ford

Hypocrisy on Human Rights
UN Report on North Korea Stephen Gowans


Recent Postings

Communist Unity and Its False Friends – Zoltan Zigedy

Ukraine and the Peril of Major War
USA and EU Launch Destabilization Strategy – CP Ireland
Ukraine: a Very Western Coup – Tomasz Pierscionek
On Reactionary Developments in Ukraine – Communist and Workers Parties
Hillary and Other Assorted Barbarians at Russia’s Gate – Glen Ford
War on the Horizon? – Zoltan Zigedy

Marxist Theory
The Poverty of Ideology – James Thompson

Don't Be Fooled –  Eva Golinger
Fight Fascism in the Street – CP Venezuela

Cuba and the Cuban Five
The “Giant” Returns Home – W. T. Whitney, Jr.
Unequivocal Cuban Solidarity with Venezuela – Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla

At AIPAC Netanyahu Launches Attack on BDS – Ali Abunimah

US Labor Movement
Delusional Top Labor Leaders – E. J. Dewey

International Women’s Day
Equality for Women is Progress for All – CP Canada

Human Rights Compared
People’s China Issues Report on US Human Rights – Xinhua

Earlier Postings

Getting Serious about Inequality – Zoltan Zigedy

Ukraine Crisis
Asymmetry in US Foreign Policy – Stephen Gowans
At All Costs Berlin Seeks to Win in Ukraine – German Foreign Policy
Tragedy in Ukraine – Zoltan Zigedy

US Labor Movement
The Tennessee Vote on the UAW – E. J. Dewey

Bolivarian Venezuela
In Defense of Venezuela – Dan Kovalik

The Twilight of the OAS in Latin America
Opening Remarks at CELAC Conference in Havana – Raul Castro
Puerto Rico in CELAC – Wilma Collazo Reveron

World Youth Festival in Ecuador
Youth Festival a Huge Success – Drew Garvie

Socialism Betrayed Published in Cuba
Foreword to Socialismo Traicionado (Eng., Esp.) – Ramon Labanino

Sanitizing the Memory of a Bloodbath
The First World War, an Imperial Bloodbath – Seumas Milne

The State of the Union
A Festival of Lies – Glen Ford

Pages from a Street Kid's Memoir
What’s a Slum? – Michael Parenti

Book Reviews
James Heartfield’s Unpatriotic History of the Second World War – Andrew Murray

The Struggle for Single-Payer Health Care
A Small Town in Appalachia Stays in the Spotlight – Kay Tillow

World Communist Movement
Lisbon and After – Portuguese CP; CP Greece

In Memoriam: Pete Seeger, 1920-2014
Testimony, House Un-American Activities Committee – Pete Seeger