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The New Imperialism Zoltan Zigedy

Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie
Petition against Censorship in French Academia – Aymeric Monville et al.

On the Ukraine – International Communist Movement
The US Trains Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Manlio Dinucci

Developments in Greece
Solidarity, or Tactics to Confuse the Workers? – PAME
The Political Situation in Greece Giorgios Marinos

Labor Movement
Alliance to Save US Postal Service

Cuba, Latin America
Latin America: Revolutionary Developments and Challenges Portuguese CP
The Blockade Has Not Ended Josefina Vidal

Oil Politics
Saudis Leverage Oil Price Stephen Gowans

Bolivarian Venezuela
A Coup in Real Time Eva Golinger
Denunciation of Attempted Destabilization World Peace Council

Book Reviews
Marx’s Scientific Dialectics J. Marques de Sá
Who Killed Che?(¿Quién mató al Che?) Ricardo Alarcon

February Is Black History Month
Lynching as Racial Terrorism Equal Justice Initiative

Empire Follies – Zoltan Zigedy

North Korea
Framing the DPRK: The US Still Cannot Be Rational – Stansfield Smith
The Problem with The Interview Movie: Forgetfulness  Dan Kovalik

State of the Union 2015
Lethal, Predatory, Delusional – Glen Ford

Where We Stand – Network of Communist Clubs

History Speaks: FARC’s Struggle for Agrarian Rights, against Imperialism – W. T. Whitney, Jr.

Pages from the History of the CIO Left
Louisville’s Farm Equipment Union Local 236 –   Toni Gilpin

The Cuban Five Discuss Their Release and Return –  Granma
US-Cuba Relations: What Does Obama Want? (Eng.; Esp.) – Nestor Iturbe Garcia

Hypocrisy or Diplomacy – James Thompson

French Communists on the Charlie Hebdo Attacks
Statement of PRCF
Statement of Communistes

Greek Elections
A Strong Workers' and People's Opposition –   KKE
The Negative Role of Syriza in the Trade Unions – PAME

Election Night Impressions, January 25, Athens – A US Trade Union Group
North American Trade Unionists at Athens Seminar –  WFTU

King Day
The Radicalization of MLK Jr. – Anthony Monteiro

Earlier Postings

Free At Last: The Cuban Five Victory
Images of the Arrival of the Three Heroes in Havana teleSur
Congratulations to the Cuban Patriots – Zoltan Zigedy
Solidarity with Cuba in an Era of Change – W. T. Whitney, Jr.
What Lies Behind Obama’s Change in Cuba Policy – Jack A. Smith
Rubio Takes Anti-Communist Hypocrisy to a New Level – James Thompson
Neither by Force nor Seduction Shall Cuba Fall  – Manuel E. Yepe
Cuba in the American Imagination Margaret Kimberley

Thoughts at Year's End  Zoltan Zigedy

Building a Better World, South of the BorderStansfield Smith

The Wars Continue in 2015 Jack A. Smith

Independent Political Action
Why We Supported the Howie Hawkins Campaign Jon Flanders

A Gathering in New York
Refoundation, Continued    MLT Editors

Racist Backlash to the Ferguson Protests
The Police Aren’t Under Attack. Institutionaliz
ed Racism Is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

20th Century Socialism
Getting the North Korean Economy Wrong – Stephen Gowans

Marxist Theory
On the Distorting Lens Elisseos Vagenas

Contribution Portuguese CP

Book Review:
Domenico Losurdo on Stalin Roland Boer

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