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The Greek Tragedy – Zoltan Zigedy

Evaluating the Sanders Candidacy – Wayne Nealis

Assessing the Iran Deal

The Iran Deal Reality – Margaret Kimberley
On the Joint Plan of Action – Tudeh Party

Some Implications of the SYRIZA Betrayal
The Situation in Greece; the Anti-People Role of SYRIZA – Giorgos Marinos
What Would the KKE Do If It Were in SYRIZA’s Place? – Rizospastis

Book Reviews
The Left Side of History – Reviewed by Stephen Gowans
Red Apple: Communism and McCarthyism in Cold War New York – Reviewed by Scott Farrand

The Vultures Circle Above Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s Economic and Fiscal Crisis: Manufactured by the U.S. – Victor Rodriguez-Dominguez
The Colony Is Collapsing – Puerto Rico CP
Austerity for Residents, Tax Breaks for Hedge Funds  – Alan Yuhas

The Stubborn Reality of Special Oppression
Black Children Much More Likely to Live in Poverty Sabrina Tavernise

Struggles in Latin America
Simon Trinidad Could Bring Peace to Colombia   Alan Prendergast
Venezuela and the Conspiracy of the Presidents – Carlos Aznarez
A Communist Militant 'Disappeared' in Tamaulipas (Eng.; Esp.) CP Mexico

Obama’s Neocons Tempt Fate in the Ukraine
The Ukraine Mess That Nuland Made – Robert Parry

The Lesser Evil
Hillary Clinton Implicated in Honduras Coup – Telesur English

A Diplomatic Triumph for Cuba
Cuban Embassy Opening in Washington DC – Bruno Rodriguez

The Making of a Labor & Civil Rights Activist
Oral History Interview with Kay Tillow – David P. Cline
Recent Postings

History Lessons – Zoltan Zigedy

US Elections 2016
Who is on the Left?  – Margaret Kimberley
Rand Paul Makes More Sense Than the Democrats’ "Left" Champion – Glen Ford
Why Bernie Sanders is a Dead End – Joshua Frank

Shine a Light on the Decolonization Process
An Open Letter to UN Gen. Sec. Ban Ki-moon on Puerto Rico  – Jose Lopez Sierra

US Trade Unions and US Imperialism
The Solidarity Center and Ukraine   – Bill Miller

Labor Movement
A Shop Steward's Impressions of the WFTU Seminar in Athens – Emily Demicco

The Economic Battle Alfredo Mancilla; Laura Bécquer Paseiro

Israeli Defense Minister Threatens Nuclear War with Iran – Asa Winstanley

Free the Three
Campaign To Release Turkish Communists  – CP Turkey

A Giant of People's Music
Mikis Theodorakis Honored on Ninetieth Birthday – CP Greece

Obstructing Latin American Integration
The Dispute Between Chile and Bolivia– Carlos Aznarez

Colombian Peace Process
Confronting Realities, Problems at Colombia Peace Talks  – W. T. Whitney, Jr

Communist Youth
Both a Militant Communist Youth and Sports Champion– David Moreno

Vuelve Cuba al Capitalismo? –


Earlier Postings

Labor at the Crossroads? – Zoltan Zigedy

Colombia Peace Talks Advance in Havana
Report of US Delegation Alliance for Global Justice

On the Victory over Fascism, May 9, 1945
We Have the Right to be Marxist-Leninists Fidel Castro

An All Too Rare Victory on Trade Policy
The Defeat of Fast Track AuthorityLori Wallach

Honored by Socialist Cuba
MLT Editor Walter Tillow Recognized for Solidarity Work – The Editors

Dependent Politics
Bernie Sanders: Sheepdogging for Hillary Bruce A. Dixon

Communists Meet in Eastern Ukraine
The Struggle Against Fascism CP Greece

2016 & The Antiwar Movement
Derail Hillary, Rand, and All the War Hawks Wayne Nealis

Without a Stitch
Western Hypocrisy Goes Naked in the Middle East Stephen Gowans

Right-wing Social Democracy
What is Behind Michael Brie's The Tragedy of Party Communism? – Roger Keeran and Joseph Jamison

Book Review

Tom Hayden's Listen Yankee! – W. T. Whitney, Jr