The 10th Congress of SCP was held in Damascus from 9 until 12 November 2005 under three basic slogans:

“For a Free Country and Triumphant People” 
“For Defending the Country and Defending Interests of the People”
“For a world Anti-Imperialist Front”

The Congress was decorated with SCP patriotic, class and International slogans.

The 10th Congress of SCP was held in Damascus from 9 until 12 November 2005 under three basic slogans:

“For a Free Country and Triumphant People” 
“For Defending the Country and Defending Interests of the People”
“For a world Anti-Imperialist Front”

The Congress was decorated with SCP patriotic, class and International slogans.

The Congress was attended by (239) original delegates, (9) observers and a number of guests. The Congress was also attended by delegations from the brotherly and friendly parties: the Palestinian Communist Party, Party of Italian Communists, Communist Party of Brazil, Communist Party of Greece, the Progressive Party of Working People “AKEL” — Cyprus, the Jordanian Communist Workers Party, Progressive Socialist Party in Morocco, the Turkish Communist Party, the Marxists Leninists Lebanese Communists Union and the Lebanese Communist Party.

The opening session was held at the General Workers Union’s headquarters on Wednesday November 9, 2005 at exactly 6:00 pm.

The Congress was opened by plying the Syrian national anthem, followed by a speech delivered by the Palestinian Communist Party’s Vice-General Secretary, Dr. Mahmmod Saada, then by a speech delivered by Comrade Yacopo Veneir, member of the Italian Communist Party’s leadership, followed by a speech delivered by Comrade Osama Adi, member of the Baath Arab Socialist Party’s leadership, after which the SCP General Secretary, Comrade Wisal Farha Bagdash, concluded the opening session by delivering a comprehensive speech.

The opening session was attended by a number of general secretaries of the National Progressive Front’s member parties, some cabinet ministers/MPs/ambassadors of friendly countries and a concourse of comrades and friends.

After receiving numerous greeting telegrams and letters, the opening session was concluded by playing the International anthem.

The Congress afterward continued by electing the Congress Leadership body and adopting the session management system and Congress agenda, then the following committees were formed:

a. The Decisions and recommendations Committee 
b. Bylaw Committee 
c. Youth Affairs Committee
d. Woman’s Affairs Committee 
e. Workers and Trade Unions Committee
f. Agricultural Affairs Committee

During the Congress, the delegates discussed the submitted reports with a high sense of responsibility aimed at activating SCP work at all levels.

Group and individual debates expressed solidarity with SCP policy based on Marxist, Leninist and Proletarian Internationalism principles that reflect the high patriotic spirit and the true International character.

The conferees confirmed their commitment to maintain SCP policies founded on the following three fundamentals laid down by Comrade Khaled Bagdash:

• Cooperation with the Baath Arab Socialist Party and all national progressive forces.
• Manifest SCP independent character concerning matters of principle and major political issues.
• Support the demands of workers, peasants and all toiling people.

The Congress also confirmed that the answer to the increasing pressures from American Imperialism and Zionist Israel lies fundamentally in the national steadfastness at all levels, and in shoring up especially the socioeconomic ingredients of this especially by paying attention to the issues vital to the masses and working class including standard of living, tackle those issues, expand freedoms and consolidate national unity.

The conferees emphasized the big national slogan: “Syria will not kneel down” and expressed their support for the opening speech delivered by Comrade Wisal Farha Bagdash, SCP General Secretary.

The 10th SCP Congress endorsed the political and economic reports submitted to it and carefully discussed the reports prepared by the created committees, and after introducing some changes to those reports, the following decisions were issued:

1. A decision on the economic and social tasks to be undertaken by the party in the current phase.
2. A decision on the tasks of the National Liberation Movement and current duties.
3. A decision on labor and trade unions issues.
4. A decision on major concerns of the youth.
5. A decision on woman’s affairs.
6. A decision on party expansion.
7. A decision on preserving national heritage and protecting the environment.

Afterwards, speeches were delivered by the Congress’s communist and workers’ participating parties and greeting letters sent to the Congress were read. Implementation of the Congress agenda afterwards continued by electing the SCP higher bodies: the SCP Central Committee and the Central Control Committee by a secret vote. The Congress then decided to send the following greeting letters and telegrams:

1. A telegram to President Bashar Al Assad, President of the Syrian Arab Republic and Chairman of the National Progressive Front.
2. A letter to the families of the party and Homeland’s martyrs.
3. A letters to our people in the occupied Golan.
4. A greeting letter to the heroic Iraqi resistance.
5. A greeting letter the heroic Palestinian Intifada.
6. A letter of solidarity to the steadfast Palestinians freedom fighters in Israeli prisons: Ahmad Saadaat, Marwan al-Barghouti and their comrades.
7. A letter of solidarity to the heroic Cuba.
8. A letter of solidarity to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
9. A letter of solidarity to Venezuela.

The Congress also sent a proclamation to the communist and workers parties all over the world calling for increased global solidarity with Syrian national steadfastness in the face of the aggressive imperialist campaign.

The Congress was held in a open democratic climate during which discussions were conducted with the participation of over 150 delegates.

At the end of the Congress, Comrade Wisal Farha Bagdash delivered the closing speech to be followed by the International anthem. 

The Central Committee elect afterwards held its first meeting and voted unanimously Comrade Wisal Farha Bagdash as general secretary.

Damascus, November 12, 2005
The 10th Congress of Syrian Communist Party