June 19, 2024

Caracas, Venezuela


To the Editors of Marxism-Leninism Today (MLT),

Dear comrades,

Receive a fraternal communist greeting extended to all the comrades who make possible the consistent US publication of Marxism-Leninism Today (MLT).

With regard to the upcoming completion on June 22nd by decision of the XI Plenum of the Central Committee, of the Third Phase of the XVI National Conference “Alberto Lovera” of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) to decide the electoral tactics of the Party in the midst of a very complex national political-electoral situation – particularly for the Venezuelan communists – we considered it appropriate to send you this letter to express our collective gratitude for your extraordinary support in solidarity with the PCV since the launching of the National and International Campaign in Defense of the PCV regarding the judicial assault and the successful realization of the XVI National Conference, in its first phase, in October 2023.

The comrades of MLT have shown authentic commitment to the principles of communist internationalism, expressed in the timely solidarity towards our humble and combative Party and the daily web publication of our statements. As such, it is up to us, at least to inform you of the current conditions in which the historic PCV exists and struggles, the party of Gustavo Machado, Jesús Faría, Olga Luzardo and numerous men and women who dedicated their lives – assuming all the risks – in the battles for the construction, development and defense of the Party of the Venezuelan working class.

It turns out, dear comrades, that for the first time since 1968 – just after the end of the armed struggle and at the end of the disgraceful governments of Rómulo Betancourt and Raúl Leoní – the PCV is banned and will not be able to really run in the presidential elections scheduled for July 28th of this year.

Instead, the ticket of our Party, with its historic red rooster symbol, will be on the electronic electoral ballot but will not be representing  real Venezuelan communist militants and will not be expressing the political line approved at the Party Congress, designed to build up forces in favor of the working class and the working people of the city and the countryside.

Rather, the legal identity of our party has been kidnapped by a handful of grasping political criminals at the service of a rotten government leadership that has betrayed the hopes of the Venezuelan people and that now, with the backing of reactionary and corrupt evangelical churches, clings to power with anti-democratic methods to safeguard its particular interests of the new mafia bourgeoisie and the interests of sections of big transnational capital.

As is well known, after the stripping of our legal personality and our electoral card and in compliance with the decisions of the XVI National Conference, we made serious attempts to build an electoral option and register an independent candidacy in alliance with other forces of the Venezuelan left. However, the government, making use of its total control over the National Electoral Council (CNE), prevented such intentions from materializing.

Needless to say that the criminal actions of the current government leadership are unprecedented in the political history of Venezuela. The policies of systematic destruction of workers’ incomes, dismantling of the historical achievements of the working class, violation of the democratic rights of the Venezuelan people, repression, criminalization and selective prosecution of workers who struggle, harassment and mistreatment of indigenous peoples, dispossession and impoverishment of our poor peasants, serious damage to the environment, promotion and protection of corruption under the cover of imperialist sanctions, censorship and persecution of freedom of expression, unlimited abuses of power, obscene use of public resources in favor of the ruling elite, among many other actions that, as never before, have been carried out in Venezuela; they harm the quality of life of the Venezuelan people and strike at their dignity.

And the worst thing, dear comrades and friends, is that all these anti-worker, anti-popular, anti-democratic and anti-national practices are perpetrated in the name of a non-existent “anti-imperialist, pro-worker and socialist revolution”, which is exploited by the national and foreign ultra-reactionary forces to strengthen their anti-communist propaganda. In such a way, the working class and the popular masses are inoculated with the rejection of revolutionary and socialist ideas by associating them with the ill-fated government of Nicolás Maduro, pushing them to massively support the electoral option most identified with anti-socialist and anti-communist positions.

In such conditions and in the midst of great political and material difficulties, our Party will hold the third phase of the XVI National Conference to decide – in accordance with our Statutes – what position to take in the presidential elections: whether to opt for abstention, given the fact that we were criminally stripped of our electoral card and there is no candidate expressing popular or leftist positions, or if we opt to call to vote for any of the registered candidates, with the purpose of defeating the ruling mafia and publicly demonstrating the true political position of the legitimate PCV.

It is a difficult decision for the delegates participating in our National Conference to make. The second phase of our statutory event decided that we must set the objectives of defeating the government of Nicolás Maduro, to seek an alternative option to both poles of the national disaster (the government and the ultra-right opposition) and to preserve the Party politically so that it may be a factor of unity of the popular, revolutionary, authentically anti-imperialist and democratic forces. What is certain is that the Party will only be able to recover its legality with a government different from that of Maduro.

For all the above reasons, up to this moment, the Party has discarded the idea of the null vote or abstention and is calling for massive participation in the presidential elections, being clear that the government favors large abstention and that is why it has carried out maneuvers aimed at discouraging and hindering the vote – in the national territory and abroad – to the extent that it is not controlled by the structures of the PSUV and the official institutions.

Simultaneously, we are trying to identify an opposition candidacy that does not correspond to the aims of either of the two hegemonic poles and that is inclined to assume a programmatic approach that vindicates the rights of the working class, defends national sovereignty against imperialist interference and rescues the democratic conquests contained in the Constitution of the Republic. This effort could have a concrete result, which would be presented for the consideration of the last phase of the National Conference.

Meanwhile, the PCV Dignity (with its Central Committee elected in the 16th Congress, November 2022), maintains its organic functioning and continues, in the midst of great obstacles present in the workers and popular struggles, to promote the broadest unity of action of the working people and in particular of the union and trade union movement, trying to gather forces that make it possible to confront the current and future policies at the service of capital.

We must assume the complex and demanding tasks that the particularity of the class struggle imposes on us in one of the hardest conditions in the history of our glorious PCV. It is not only the de facto outlawing of our Party and its legitimate leadership, but the hate campaign unleashed against the true members of the communist party, the evident intentions of stripping the organization of its modest and dignified assets, the shameless maneuvers aimed at usurping also our mass political fronts, the growing threats against the integrity, freedom and jobs of our cadres and militancy in general. In reality, a virulent anti-communist fury has been activated from the government and the PSUV. In order to face this situation, it is essential for us to count on international communist solidarity.

We are clear that after the presidential elections, the class contradictions will sharpen and the most probable scenario will be the escalation of the social and political conflict fueled by the desires
of the forces at the service of the transnational monopolies and the mafias of the local bourgeoisie.

Our task will be to create the conditions so that such a worsening of the crisis of dependent capitalism is the historic opportunity for the rise of the revolutionary alternative of workers’ and popular power. Our slogan is  “No matter who governs, rights will be defended!’ Despite this, we will try to transcend defensive objectives and create the conditions exist for a true class offensive.

Reiterating our admiration and fraternal respect, we bid you farewell, wishing you good health and success for you, your families and your comrades in struggle.

For the Political Bureau of the Central Committee:

Oscar Figuera
Secretary General of CC-PCV

Héctor Rodríguez
Secretary of International Relations

Pedro Eusse
Secretary of the Labor and Trade Union Movement