From: The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV)

To: Captain Diosdado Cabello, first vice-president of the PSUV


Once again, the first vice-president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Captain Diosdado Cabello, from his comfortable economic position and using a means of communication of common property of the Venezuelan society under State administration, lashes out against the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) and, particularly, against the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the PCV Comrade Oscar Figuera.

What are the causes of this angry and visceral attack? Strategically, it forms part of the plan aimed at delegitimizing and assaulting the PCV leadership to place the Party at the service of the neo-liberal project and to prevent the emergence of a revolutionary and popular left option for the elections of 2024. This is influenced by the progress of the economic agreements between the government of Nicolas Maduro and U.S. imperialism, which encourages them to increase the anti-communist policy in the country. In the tactical – conjunctural aspect, the causes of the huge tantrum can be found in the weakness demonstrated by the very important partial victory obtained by the recent massive worker mobilizations, particularly from education workers. These protests partially defeated the plans by the classless, bosses and government leaders who, as PSUV members, exercise levels of bureaucratic control over the unions of the sector. They also partially defeated the neo-liberal policies of the government, in this case in labor rights, which have been led by the leadership headed by President Nicolás Maduro Moros, who, in order to impose his monetarist conception, does not hesitate in supressing the socio-economic demands of the working class in general and, in this case, the rights of the educational sector to the payment of vacation and recreational bonuses, all the while giving free rein to speculation for the benefit of large capital.

Captain Diosdado Cabello, with his TV program “El Mazo Dando”, is part of the virulent anti-communist and anti-worker campaign that seeks to criminalize the legitimate labor struggles for a salary equal to the basic food basket (article 91 of the Constitution) and the reestablishment of individual and collective rights violated by policies of this government, such as the illegal and unconstitutional memorandum-circular 2792 (2018), now complemented with the no-less illegal ONAPRE instructions, and the policy of hindering union organization and the discussion of collective bargaining agreements. This campaign that aims to increase the repression and judicialization of workers’ struggles in Venezuela, uses the imperialist aggression against our country as a weapon of blackmail and deception. According to the narrative of this well-off and opportunist leadership of the government-PSUV, it turns out that the ally of U.S. and European imperialism is the working class which has been made to live in precarious conditions by the labor policy of the government and who, like the PCV, assume their struggles. At the same time, and according to the narrative, the defenders of the homeland are those who kneel to global capital, including the capital of those imperialist countries they falsely denounce, with their special economic zones, privatizations, surrender of the oil industry, the criminal labor policy and a regressive fiscal policy that favors national and international capital in detriment of the working class.

There is nothing “shameful” about the policy of the PCV, Captain Diosdado Cabello. It is a principled position, consistent with the interests of the working class and the popular sectors. It is a brave, honest, just and dignified political line, because it is on the side of the exploited majorities and in defense of national interests.

What is really shameful is the degradation of figures who claim to be radical defenders of the policies of President Hugo Chávez and now show that they are nothing more than prostrate vassals defending the economic interests of capital and their petty personal and group privileges.

In order to protect and maintain their comfortable economic positions, achieved at the expense of national and popular misery, they only support the privatizations of public enterprises, the return of lands to landowners and agrarian capitalists, the setbacks in oil sovereignty, the alliances with the Business and Commerce Chamber (FEDECÁMARAS) and the dismantling of social programs.

They use the criminal imperialist sanctions to justify the sacrifice of the Venezuelan people, while they participate and are accomplices of the bourgeois excesses of the government leadership and the excessive profits of the old and new capitalists. It is clear: they are part of the misnamed “revolutionary bourgeoisie”.

The working people are not stupid, nor blind, they can appreciate very well the enormous gap of social inequality that exists, and the double standards of the discourse of a supposed leadership that asks for sacrifices while they travel in luxurious high-end vehicles and enjoy themselves in sophisticated private yachts, hire foreign groups to entertain their parties, bet millions of dollars in casinos, acquire delicacies and sumptuary goods in brand-name businesses abroad and lead a life of nouveau riche with the pretensions of the great bourgeoisie.

You defend your privileges, not the rights of the working people. You are nothing more than well-off opportunists, fraudulent beneficiaries of Chávez’s discourse. The working class is in the streets fighting for the rights that they have conquered in their collective bargaining agreements and that you want to cut, deny or hide in order to accelerate accumulation and fatten the pockets of the capitalists.

This anti-communist campaign has as its immediate objective the stripping of the working class of its right to revolutionary and class conscious political organization. We denounce the intentions to outlaw, intervene or annul the legal political capacity of the PCV, under a maneuver similar to that applied against parties like the PPT and TUPAMARO, internationally and nationally. That is what is underway, to deal a cruel blow to the democratic rights of the communist militancy and of the popular workers’ movement, annulling its political instrument, the PCV, as a condition to continue advancing in the dispossession of the conquests and rights of the working people of the city and the countryside, at the same time that they deepen the sale of the country to large transnational capital and liquidate national sovereignty in practice.

We warn of these evident intentions by the government against the PCV, achieved by building a narrative of personalization of the attacks against the General Secretary of the CC PCV, our comrade Oscar Figuera.

They will not be able to defeat the PCV and the Venezuelan workers’ movement. They will find us firm, with willingness and combative condition, ready and willing to defend the historical tradition of consistent struggle of our glorious Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), proud of our past, fighting for the present and future of a great, liberated, sovereign and socialist-communist homeland!

Broad unity of worker-popular action to defeat the neoliberal plan of the government and capital!


-Central Committee of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV)

Caracas, August 22, 2022.


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