A movement which has already gathered thousands of names from around the world, especially in Latin America, has begun in Argentina . The letter below mentions a December 24 deadline, but it is believed the campaign will go on beyond the deadline. The Editors

Petition to the Academy of Oslo, Proposing Fidel Castro for the Nobel Prize in 2010

Dear Comrades and Friends:

We have united all the left parties, political and social movements of Argentina and have agreed to propose Commandante Fidel Castro as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010 to the Academy in Oslo. This campaign has already been publicized in Cubadebate and it was announced last night during the news on Cubavision. It was also publicized in the newspaper “Trabajadores,” the official daily newspaper of the CTC (Center of Cuban Workers)

Kindly sign and forward far and wide.

Thank you and Viva Fidel and Socialism!!! Venceremos! Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

Ana Daglio

Signatures should be sent only to the following email address, including, if possible: name, surname, profession or occupation, organization,  and country.

fidelnobeldelapaz@gmail.com up to December 24, 2009 by midday.

Petition to the Academy of Oslo, Proposing Candidacy of Fidel Castro to the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2010

The undersigned, citizens of Argentina and other countries, are in favor of the candidacy of Cuban statesman Comandante Fidel Castro for the Nobel Peace Prize 2010. We express  the sentiments of social, cultural, academic, university, human rights, social and political movements.

Cuba’s achievements in health and education, such as the sharp decline in infant mortality to less than 6 per thousand of live births, as well as schooling, which covers almost one hundred percent of the population, etc., deserve the mentioned Peace Prize.

It has to be taken into account that on this basis, Cuba,  under Fidel Castro’s presidency until July 2006, has continued to progress in the field of health with a biotechnical industry unsurpassed by any similar industry in Third World countries, and in education with a population brought up to a very high cultural level.

The outstanding fact is that these objectives were achieved under an illegal U.S. blockade that has lasted for 47 years. And doubly remarkable is that such achievements of Cuba, under the inspiration of its historic leader, have been shared with other peoples around the world. This applies to the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) which has already ten years of existence, with an enrollment of over 20,000 students from nearly one hundred countries.

With the Cuban method “Yo Si Puedo” (“Yes I can”) 4 million people have been made literate, and with eye care program “Operacion Milagro” (Operation Miracle) 1.6 million people have been operated on, in both cases, free of any charge. Most of beneficiaries are of humble circumstances and in their countries they had become fifth class citizens in an unjust world ruled by multinationals and bankers.

While other  leaders, having been awarded prizes, devote themselves to export tens of thousands of Marines and throw missiles and “smart” bombs  to devastate villages and simultaneously plunder natural and human resources, Fidel Castro has made a great contribution to world peace by sending “armies”  of physicians in white smocks, and teachers, and instructors, and athletes and artists.

As for the imperial attempts to push the world into the abyss of the deepest crisis ever, we must remember that Fidel Castro back in 1983 warned against the phenomenon of foreign debt as unpayable and uncollectible, immoral and fraudulent. Millions of jobs and millions of lives have been lost since the beginning of the foreign debt crisis, as a consequence of not carrying out the realistic and fair proposals of the President of Cuba.

In 2007 Fidel Castro warned against U.S. plans to produce biofuels starting from corn, soybean and other foods, a plan sponsored by the lobbying of the main automobile companies, which caused hunger to grow among the peoples, and a rise in the price of food. There are at present 1,020 millions of people suffering starvation, up from the 840 millions in 2007.

Fidel Castro warned about the neglect of the environment, and warned against the alienated type of capitalist production and consumerism that is causing global warming and climate change.

Already in 1992 at the Summit “Eco-92” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 17 years ago, the Cuban leader called to defend the environment and harshly criticized governments and international monopolies that privileged their businesses and excessive profits, which caused pollution in rivers, exhausted non-renewable natural resources, turned land into desert , overheated the planet, and threatened the survival of humankind.

For all of these achievements and many more, we propose the selection of Fidel Castro for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010.