July 2013

A Reading List for Refounders

At the CPUSA web site:  <<cpusa.org/convention-discussion-2010/

     Save the Party!  by Dean Christ, Kevin Kyle, and Joan Phillips
By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them  by Thomas Kenny
Kicking It up a Notch… Means Adding the Communist Plus!  by Michael Sheinberg
For a Return to the CPUSA’s Antiwar Principles by Mark Anderson
For a CPUSA that Honors the Soviet Experience by Angelo D’Angelo, Ed Wlody, Kevin Keating


At the ML Today web site: mltoday.com (use "site-wide search")

       Reflections on Revisionism by Edward A. Drummond
Decision Time for the CPUSA   by Edward A. Drummond 
The CPUSA Line "Unity against the Ultra Right” is Wrong and Harmful by Edward A. Drummond
From Revisionism to Party Liquidation by Edward A. Drummond
The Crisis of the CPUSA, Part 1 and Part 2   by Edward A. Drummond
Impressions of the CPUSA Convention  Various Delegates
A Tangled Webb: A Party of Socialism for the 21st Century  by Roger Keeran
Faux Marxism by Zoltan Zigedy
Irrelevance and Eventual Demise  by Zoltan Zigedy
International Criticism of Webb’s “A Party of Socialism for the 21st Century (Greek, German, Canadian,  Mexican Communists)