The attempt by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for convicting “communist regimes for their crimes against humanity” and identifying them with fascism is nothing but an effort for acquitting fascism. At the beginning, our party considered this draft, which has been around for a while, as the work of a few reactionary madmen. But apparently we are entering an era, in which capitalists are going mad en masse. We are not going to discuss the meaning of communism and its contributions to the humanity with reactionary circles. While the outputs of capitalism and imperialism are evident, we don’t think that the aim of a society without classes and exploitation is a matter of discussion. Despite the efforts by imperialists, who continuously produce lies, distort the history and plunder all cultural values, communism is representing today the real wealth of humanity, as it was yesterday.
We won’t discuss this wealth. But we think that it is the best time for stating that behind the attempts for mudslinging Soviet peoples, which saved Europe from Nazi invasion, is the intention of acquitting fascism. We warn all the European politicians against associating in the crime of legitimizing fascism. As it has always happened, communism can easily fight off future reactionary slander, but the owners of the attempt for hiding the crimes of fascist killers will be crushed under this responsibility.

Together with other fraternal parties in the world, our party will stand against the attacks by the European anti-communist circles. Communist Party of Turkey went through a hefty struggle against the 80 years old ban against the communist party; it doesn’t intend to leave its current position or to deny its history. Our party enters 2006 with the determination of intensively struggling against imperialism and capitalism. If the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe wants to be part of the content of this struggle, it is up to her.
Meanwhile, we are not changing our choice for peace and socialism in 2006 or later!
Communist Party of Turkey
Secretariat of the Central Committee