We must act now to stop the war with Russia over Ukraine, a war that would risk becoming a dangerous conflict between nuclear states. As people residing in the United States, we have a special responsibility to call upon the U.S. government to:
— Stop the war with Russia
— Stop the NATO expansion
— Stop sending weapons to Ukraine and the European Union
— Obey international laws and the UN Charter
— Resolve the current conflict within the United Nations Security Council
— De-escalate the threat of a nuclear war
Once again, our world is facing an imminent threat of war between two major nuclear powers. As in the past, the United States is using the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as the vehicle to wage war in clear violation of international law and the Charter of United Nations.
The Biden administration is currently flying $200 million worth of weapons and other “lethal aid” to Ukraine and has 8,500 US troops on standby to enter that country. ‘Nonessential’ US diplomatic personnel and their families are being withdrawn from the country. The corporate media is lockstep in its portrayal of Russia as the enemy who is about to invade Ukraine. These actions constitute a de facto declaration of war, while the corporate media fan the flame of war.
This current escalation of aggression against Russia through expansion of NATO’s presence into Ukraine is a serious threat to world peace and requires a unified and rapid response by anti-war organizations to stop a major war.
To that end, we, the undersigned groups, have agreed to support a day of national action with the above mentioned demands on the United States government.
During the week of January 30 to February 5, we will hold visibility actions by holding signs and banners in well-trafficked areas such as major intersections or highway overpasses that raise awareness of this urgent crisis and urge the President to stop the war with Russia.
On the afternoon of February 5, we will gather online for a national rally to demonstrate the breadth of opposition to war. During the rally, photos of the visibility actions will be shared.

Take Action:

  1. Endorse the Call to Action

    by submitting the name of your organization. Click here to endorse.
  2. Hold a visibility action.

    Send information about your upcoming action to info@popularresistance.org to be listed below and send photos of your action afterwards so they can be shared at the online rally.
  3. Register for the National Rally

    to be held on Saturday, Feb. 5 at 12:00 noon Eastern time. Click here to register. You can find and share the registration using bit.ly/StopWarWithRussia.
  4. Sign and share this petition

    to President Biden and UN Secretary General António Guterres. Click here to find the petition.

Initial Signatories (in alphabetical order):

— Answer Coalition
— Black Alliance for Peace
— Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
— International Action Center
— Popular Resistance
— Task Force on the Americas
— United National Antiwar Coalition
— U.S. Peace Council
— Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF-US)
— World BEYOND War

Additional signatories:

Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action
Massachusetts Peace Action
Peninsula Peace and Justice
United Teachers Los Angeles
Law and Disorder Radio
Green Party of Monmouth County NJ
International Signatories:
Peace and Solidarity Organisation – SriLanka