After 3 years of the criminal occupation of Iraq by the United States (US) and its allies, the Portuguese Communist Youth (JCP) declares its commitment to the anti-imperialist fight to put an end to the occupation and its solidarity with the resistance of the Iraqi people.

Three years have passed but the daily aggression, torture, crimes, civilian assassinations go on. During all this time, Iraqi people have resisted heroically against imperialism. Today is even more clear that this criminal intervention, that used de menace of terrorism and the existence of weapons of mass destruction — which existence wasn’t proved — as pretexts to an aggression aims the expansion of the American imperialism, the control of the natural resources of this region and the enormous profits of the army industry and companies that rebuild what is damaged by the war. It is presented a strategy of political reconfigurations of the so called “Great Middle East” clearly seen by the gaining pressures and intervening positions in Syria and Iran.

The same campaign of lies that tried to justify the invasions and occupation of Iraq it’s today used to legitimate the presence of the occupying forces and the crimes daily practiced.

The Iraqi people fights courageously everyday for its freedom and JCP is profoundly sympathetic to the Iraqi fight and resistance.
After three years of this imperialist’s crime, JCP demands the immediate end of the occupation and the retreat of the Portuguese forces in Iraq, which is a dishonorable demonstration of the Portuguese Government submission to the imperialism.

We salute the fight actions and protests against Iraq occupation that have taken place all around the world, especially those which took place in Lisbon and Oporto, on the 18th of March, where participated thousands of people and dozens of organizations.
The Portuguese Communist Youth has shown once more its commitment to the peace and internationalist solidarity.
JCP is committed, along with the Portuguese youth and world wide anti-imperialist youth, to continue and reinforce the solidarity to the Iraqi people and youth and to their right to fight for freedom, and sovereignty to decide on their own destine.