Statement of 58 Communist and Workers’ Parties against Imperialist Aggression in Libya

The imperialist killers headed by the USA, France, Britain and NATO as a whole and with the approval of the UN started a new imperialist war. This time in Libya.

Their allegedly humanitarian pretexts are completely misleading! They throw dust into peoples’ eyes! Their real goals are the hydrocarbons in Libya.

We, the Communist and Workers’ parties, condemn the military imperialist intervention. The people of Libya must determine their future on their own, without foreign imperialist interventions.

We call on the peoples to react and demand the immediate cessation of the bombings and of the imperialist intervention!

1.  Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism, PADS
2.  Communist Party of Armenia
3.  Communist Party of Australia

4.  Communist Party of Azerbaijan
5.  Communist Party of Bangladesh
6.  Workers’ Party of Bangladesh
7.  Communist Party of Belarus
8.  Workers’ Party of Belgium
9.  Brazilian Communist Party
10.Communist Party of Brazil
11.Communist Party of Britain
12.New Communist Party of Britain
13.Party of the Bulgarian Communists
14.Communist Party of Canada
15.Communist Party of Chile
16.Socialist Worker’s Party of Croatia
17.Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
18.Communist Party in Denmark
19.Communist Party of Denmark
20.Communist Party of Estonia
21.Communist Party of Finland
22.Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party
23.Unified Communist Party of Georgia
24.Communist Party of Greece
25.Communist Party of India
26.Communist Party of India [Marxist]
27.Tudeh Party of Iran
28.Communist Party of Ireland
29.Workers’ Party of Ireland
30.Party of the Italian Communists
31.Communist Party of Kazakhstan
32.Socialist Party of Latvia
33.Lebanese Communist Party
34.Communist Party of Luxembourg
35.Communist Party of Malta
36.Communist Party of Mexico
37.Popular Socialist Party of Mexico
38.New Communist Party of Netherlands
39.Communist Party of Norway
40.Communist Party of Pakistan
41.Communist Party of Poland
42.Portuguese Communist Party
43.Communist Party of Russian Federation
44.Communist Workers’ Party of Russia – Revolutionary Party of Communists
46.Communist Party of Soviet Union
47.New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
48.Party of the Communists of Serbia
49.Communist Party of Slovakia
50.Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
51.Communist Party of Sri-Lanka
52.Syrian Communist Party
53.Communist Party of Sweden
54.Communist Party of Turkey
55.Labour Party,(EMEP),Turkey
56.Communist Party of Ukraine
57.Union of the Communists of Ukraine
58.Communist Party of Venezuela

As of March 21, 2011
Other Parties:

▪ Pôle de Renaissance Communiste en France

▪Galician People’s Union

▪Communists-People’s Left (Italy)