People’s Tribune No. 2,983

Published on Sept. 5, 2017

Caracas / MJR. The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) has rejected and condemned the many sided, aggressive escalation of interference by North American imperialism against Venezuela, expressed in the declaration of President Donald Trump about “not ruling out direct military intervention” and the new measures of unilateral sanctions  intended to affect the financial capacity of the country.

Yul Jabour, a member of the Political Bureau of the PCV, denounced the US government’s actions seeking to isolate Venezuela politically and economically, with the complicity of right-wing governments in the region that are subordinated to the interests of big capital, “among other reasons, for the richness of [Venezuela’s] natural resources, not only for having the largest reserves of oil in the world, but also because we have 13 of the 17 minerals most highly valued at the international level.”

“In the face of US government measures, most recently to limit bond issuance, the interest income they generate, letters of credit, or refinancing of debt, an approach [to sanctions], stated the PCV , which over the years of the Bolivarian process has become  more significant and effective and which seeks to demand from the National Government the denunciation of the one-sided laws enacted to avoid double taxation and to prevent tax evasion in relation to income tax and inheritance,” Jabour said.

The leader explained as an example that, with these laws, “any transnational company domiciled in US territory and  carrying out  commercial, financial, administrative, scientific or productive activity in Venezuela, pays utility taxes in the United States, thereby replacing the principle of ‘territoriality’ by that of ‘nationality’, and that means losses for the national treasury of 18 billion dollars annually. “

“There are about 300 North American companies that have activity in our country, using Venezuelan infrastructures, personnel and services, because taxes are paid in the US; for which the PCV has also proposed that the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) and the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) take a position on,” said the Communist leader.

Rights of  the people

In addition to a broad set of economic proposals , which the PCV has systematized in order to be taken up by the Constituent Assembly, Jabour emphasized that “a set of measures and Constituent Assembly acts that tackle essential problems of our people must be generated in the immediate future.”

The Venezulan CP, the Red Rooster Party,  denounced the development of a parallel bank, the so-called “Cash Advance”, in which illegal commissions of 10% and up to 30% are charged, closely linked to and turned into  a virtual playground of the banks to dispose of cash, even cash from the personal savings of the people or the pensions of seniors.

“In the same measure caps and limits of access to cash are imposed, with amounts that are not related to the reality of street prices and the rising cost of living, so a parallel banking system is stimulated and encouraged in what is charged to the people, so as  to be able to dispose of their savings, while Sudeban is limited to issuing circulars that are not honored  by private and public banks, ” warned Jabour. [SUDEBAN (Superintendencia de las Instituciones del Sector Bancario de Venezuela) is the acronym for the Venezuelan entity that oversees the banks and financial institutions.]

Finally, the Communist leader called on the Constituent Assembly and the government to take decisive measures, exercising effective controls and exemplary sanctions, making clear  that the basic measure that is required is the nationalization of the bank, in order to really put it at the service of the people and development of the country.


Tribuna popular No 2.983, 31 de Agosto al 20 de Septiembre de 2017

publicado Septiembre 5, 2017

Lucha Antiimperialista y combate revolucionario

Caracas/MJR.- El partido comunista de Venezuela (PCV) rechazo and conddeno la multifacetica escalada agresive e injerencita del imperialism norteamericano contra venezeula, expresada en las declaraciones delpresidente Donald Trump sobre no descartar la intervencion military directa y las nuevas medidas de sanciones uniaterales que pretenden afectar la capacidad financier del pais.

Yul Jabour, miembro del Buro Politico del PCV, denuncio que las acciones del gobierno de EEUU pretenden aislar politica y economicamente a Veneauela, con la complicidad de gobiernos de derecho en la region que estan subordinados a los intereses del gran capital, “entre otras razones, por la riquezas de recursos naturales, no solo por tener las mahores reservas de petroleo del mundo, sino porque tenemos13 de los 17 minerales mas cotizados a nivel internacional.”

“Ante las medidas del gobierno de EEUU, mas recientemente para limitar la emission de bonos, los intereses que generan, las cartas de credito, o refinancianmiento de deuda, adquiere un mayor significado y vigencia un plantamiento hecho por el PCV durante todos los anos del proceso bolivariao, referido a demandar del Gobierno nacional la denuncia de los leoninos tratados para evitar la doble tributacion y prevenir la evasion fiscal en materia de ISLR y sobre el patrimonio”, manifesto Jabour.’’

El dirigente ejemplifico que, con esos tratados, “cualquier empresa transnacional con domicilio en territorio norteamericano y que ejerza actividad comercial, financier, administrative, cientifica o productive en Venezuela, paga impuestos de utilidad en EEUU, con lo cual se sustituye el principio de’territorialidad’ por el de ‘nacionalidad’, y que significa perdidas para el fisco nacional de 18 mil millones de dolares anuales”.

“Hay cerca de 300 empresas norteamericanas que tienen actividad en nuestro pais, utilizando infraestructuras, personal y servicios venezolanos, per los impuestos se paga en EEUU; por lo cual el PCV tambien ha planteado que la Asamblea Nacional Constituyente (ANC) y el Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (TSJ) fijen posicion al respeto”, puntualizo el dirigente comunista.