The report back of US Peace Council-organized delegation to Syria, which returned  to the US on August 1, continues to change the terms of the debate in the US antiwar movement and wider public opinion badly misinformed by the mainstream media, and even by sections of the alternative media.

Below is a link to a recent interview with one of the delegation members, Joe Jamison, interviewed on a trip to Chicago by the Purdue University Communications Department, on its public affairs program The Calumet Roundtable.

The delegation to Syria included representatives of a number of national antiwar organizations, attorneys, educators, independent journalists,  and labor activists. It met with civil society organizations such as non-violent opposition forces and political parties, Muslim and Christian religious leaders, students, business leaders, victims of war and violence, the Syrian Bar Association, academics, and women’s rights campaigners. It also met with parliamentarians of several parties and high-level government officials.

For more up-to-date information please go to the US Peace Council web site, <>, and to the US Peace Council Facebook page.

An important new development, reflecting the educational work of the delegation and the growing alarm about the danger of US escalation and even nuclear confrontation in Syria, is the formation of the Hands Off Syria Coalition, involving broad, new antiwar organizations and individuals. It has enjoyed spectacular growth in endorsements since its launch a few weeks ago. Its web site is <>.