The army of the Zionist enemy is continuing its aggression against Lebanon for its third consecutive week. From its very beginning stage, this aggression has taken the form of a savage predatory war. Neither man nor stone is safe from its fiery hell, nor are human and civil institutions, the media, or the infrastructure. The Zionist killing machine has jost recently targeted even international observers.

This savage raging storm that took as its pretext the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers has exceeded all possible responses in such circumstances as it seeks to wreak vengeance on Lebanon and its people in an attempt to inflict the greatest possible harm to Lebanon under the heading of destroying the military and command structure of Hezbollah with the jost intensely destructive and deadly weapons and with the jost cowardly and barbaric means. The United States has revealed itself as a vicious and shameless participant in this war. Its administration has proclaimed openly that it hopes to see the "dawn of a new Middle East," completing its plan for seizing control of the region, its resources, and the destinies of its people, a plan that was launched with the American invasion of Iraq more than three years ago.

Although the Zionist air force, navy, and artillery have continued to kill and destroy they have failed to achieve their assigned goals and so the Zionists have now been compelled to launch a ground offensive, something they have tried to avoid since their ignoble departure from Lebanon in the year 2000. For a week now they have been trying to advance in order to occupy Lebanese lands in the district of Bint-Jbeil, specifically the Marun ar-Ras junction, the town of Bint-Jbeil, and the surrounding area. Those murderers are trying to occupy and desecrate our holy land once again, to impose their conditions and the conditions of their masters by means of the killing, massacres, displacement, and destruction at which the Zionist war machine excels in criminality and savagery.

And as usual, Washington is backing them up and supporting them, even if that means that it must oppose the whole world! The viciousness of the aggression and the dangerous goals it has set itself place serious responsibilities upon the people of Lebanon: to repulse, resist, and frustrate its aims. They also obligate the Lebanese government to abandon the policy of complicity, complacency, or dreaming about American or "international" protection.

The United States is a participant in the aggression and it must be treated firmly on this basis. The people and government must unite in the confrontation, taking all the necessary stances and measures on the level of policy, military action, security, and people’s livelihood. To this end we need a real government of national unity that distinguishes between Lebanon’s friends and enemies in the light of the results of the aggression, a government that constitutes a real backer and partner with the heroes of the resistance who once again are the makers of Lebanon’s glory, defending its land, sovereignty, unity, and existence in the face of the criminal American-Zionist war machine.

Our Lebanese People:

Israel is trying once again to occupy parts of the land of Lebanon, to destroy its people, and its civilization.

The Islamic resistance continues to make heroic sacrifices and score heroic victories. Our army is standing steadfast after its officers and men were targeted in what amounted to a cowardly assassination attempt. At this time duty to the homeland calls on us to join in the resistance struggle and stand up to the occupiers and their crimes. This is our duty as political parties, leftist and democratic patriotic forces, personalities, and fighters who once played an honorable part in defending the homeland against aggression, who in the Lebanese National Resistance Front in 1982 and afterwards performed acts of heroism that our people remember with pride and glory. We call on our youth to bring back that experience, to take inspiration from it, and build upon it, joining the resistance struggle by standing steadfast in their villages and towns. We call on them to take up arms and meet the hordes of the aggressor in defense of our land, our sovereignty, our people, and all things we hold sacred.

The homeland is passing through a historic stage. Our people will triumph, bringing in the dawn of freedom, sovereignty, and unity for our homeland and Arab nation, vanquishing and routing all those who would plunder, invade, and occupy.