To our trade union friends around the world:

From LAB we ask for your support for the massive demonstration that will take place in Bilbao (Basque Country) on January 13th, 2013, in support of the more than 600 Basque revolutionary political prisoners, incarcerated in prisons in the Spanish and French states.

The respect for the rights of Basque political prisoners and refugees is something that Basque society is demanding in a unanimous manner.

The Spanish and French states cannot continue violating the rights of Basque political prisoners.

For that, tens of thousands of us will demonstrate on the streets of Bilbao this coming January 12, just as we did on January 7th 2012.

For all of this, from LAB we ask that you send your support for this demonstration as soon as possible. We ask for the support of trade union organizations as well as individual union leaders. You can send your support to this same email:

There is more information in Basque and in Spanish and the web page <<>>. There you can find a copy in English of the demands and slogans of the January 12, 2013 rally. <<>>

A revolutionary salute!
For LAB International,

In unity,

I.  Urrutikoetxea

Urrutikoetxea  is secretary of international relations of the trade union centre LAB in the Basque Country. He is the head of the Metal Workers Trade Union International (TUI) of the World Federation of Trade Unions.