October 6, 1976 is the anniversary of the bombing of the Cubana civilian airliner (Flight #455) off the coast of Barbados.

This is the new website of the Cuban families of the victims of the sabotage to a Cuban civil airplane off the coast of Barbados, where 73 persons were killed, including a girl from Guyana and a young pregnant Cuban woman.

Our president is Carlos Alberto Cremata, son of Carlos Alberto Cremata Trujillo, a worker of Cubana de Aviacion, who was killed on October 6, 1976. Cremata is the director of the Children’s Theater Company La Colmenita.

Nobody but those who have lost a loved one in criminal acts can understand us better. But we want all the people of good will in the world to join our efforts to avoid that more families suffer, by preventing the impunity of these criminals.

Documents of the State Department and American federal agencies, among them the CIA and the FBI, show the responsibility of Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch in the sabotage to the Cubana airplane.

Both are in the United States now: Orlando Bosch is free on the streets of Miami, while Posada Carriles is treated as a simple illegal and is about to receive parole.

If you are interested in collaborating or getting in touch with us, please email us: familiesforjustice@ceniai.inf.cu and we will answer.

Greetings from Cuba,

Camilo Rojo, Coordinator
Committee of Families for Justice

Families For Justice
Familias por la Justicia