ISIS is the New September 11

By Kemal Okuyan, editor in chief of the Turkish daily newspaper soL
August 18, 2014

Is ISIS (or Islamic State) a US project out of control?

We have witnessed -- before as well as now -- how organizations created by the US armed forces, intelligence agencies and funding being declared "enemies". Some of these organizations were inside a state, which made them unresponsive to the dictates of US imperialism, and some could not come to terms with being sidelined by the US as outdated. There were cases when they were put on the "terror" list, as well as cases when they were correctly identified as threats...

ISIS is not like that. ISIS is not out of control. We can readily say that ISIS or Islamic State with its new name has been performing wonderfully for US interests.

If both sides at the current Iran-US talks are making progress and the US can no longer manage to describe Iran as an  "enemy" and they are both looking for ways to collaborate in the crackdown on ISIS, if Obama administration is able to bring in line the renewed mullah regime in Tehran that is trying to put together a "strategy"...

If, at a time when the distinction between "moderate Islam" and the "radical Islam" was blurry, ISIS, having risen with a violence that destroyed the relation between political Islam and "armed fanaticism," makes everyone forget the scale of reactionary advances in a very wide geography...

If ISIS, which says "I am here" not just in Arab states but in Turkey and even in European states, can help rebuild the public perception of "common threat" which is the glue for the Western alliance...

If, for the first time, a US-led alliance can become as legitimate, as effective and even as likeable as this one, if the Yankee can position himself as a true liberator...

If ISIS is creating the perfect opportunity for making everyone forget the fiasco in Syria and the means to get everyone on board with the policy changes required by this fiasco, if it helps conceal the war crimes committed by Obama and others in Syria...

If ISIS can upset all the balances in Iraq in one day  so that "Iraq cannot become stable as a country, there is no such country" and prepares the ground for the division of Iraq...

If the ability of various Kurdish groups to "act together" is increasing thanks to ISIS and if the authority of the Kurdish leadership in Northern Iraq solidifies despite the "lack of spine" it displayed in the first days... (We have many reasons to claim that [Kurdish leader] Barzani's forces did not move against ISIS right away because that was the US preference)...

What more could Uncle Sam expect from an armed force it has created!

The Arab world doesn't find the following situation odd anymore: Peshmergas trained by US and ISIS murderers will attack each other by US weapons, and American bombs dropped from planes will land on one of the sides.

ISIS has created the necessary energy for the revision of the plan of the great transformation that had started with the "Arab Spring" but then hit the wall in Syria. The violence displayed is so gruesome that noon is willing to state the overt role of US in it. Humanity is united against barbarism and the statement "Barbarism or Socialism" which had not lost its power for decades is now vaporized facing the tragedy of thousands tortured, beheaded, buried alive.

Unite against barbarism! Unite with the USA!

Are we supposed to accept this?

The fact that it was US which directed ISIS is being dismissed with the label of "conspiracy theory." And we are supposed to tolerate this?

Will we be afraid of going beyond the trivial idea that "US was supporting them, but now they are out of control"?

ISIS is a covert US operation. It is a new and better-thought-out September 11 attack. It is the result of the "creative chaos" strategy.

We need to avoid cutting the corner by saying "There is no chance for success, the US has been failing, none of its plans are succeeding." Let us not forget that the biggest plan of the imperialist forces is to sustain  the existing order. There can not be any plan or project that goes beyond this, that can replace this.

An alliance with imperialism against reactionary forces and an alliance with reactionary forces against imperialism have to be severely condemned. One of the ramifications of this in domestic affairs is the liberation of secularism from the connection to the market. If [Turkish government leader] Erdogan can still hurl threats around today, the reason behind this is not the lack of a wide front against him. It is because the unprincipled and spineless anti-Erdogan position and the reasons that make Erdogan who he really is are not investigated.

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