Author: Fidel Castro Ruz

Philips’ Double Betrayal

The United States is the biggest patent owner in the world. It has drained brains from all countries – whether developed or developing- doing research in a number of areas, including the production of mass destruction...

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Obama and the Blockade

Yesterday I referred to what was funny about the “Declaration of Commitment of Port of Spain.” Today I could refer to what is tragic about it. I hope our friends do not take any offence in this. There were some...

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News From Bolivia

Yesterday, Thursday 9, our attention was focused on the tense situation in Bolivia. Today, Friday, there is one more event of great interest: after a successful trip to China, Hugo Chavez arrives in Cuba. If in Bolivia the...

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A Meeting That Was Worth It

The Conference on Globalization and Development: A meeting that was worth it. At the end of the Globalization and Development event, with the presences of more than 1,500 economists, outstanding scientific figures and...

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Fidel on the G20

Bush seemed happy to have Lula sitting to his right during dinner on Friday. On the other hand, Hu Jintao, whom he respects for the enormous market in his country, the capacity to produce consumer goods at low cost and the...

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The Law of the Jungle

Trade, within a society and between countries, is the exchange of goods and services produced by human beings. The owners of the means of production appropriate the profits. As a class, they are the leaders of the capitalist...

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La Ley de la Selva

Reflexiones del compañero Fidel
 El comercio dentro de la sociedad y entre los países es el intercambio de bienes y servicios que producen los seres humanos. Los dueños de los medios de producción se apropian de las ganancias....

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