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Open Letter in Support of Mediation Not Sanctions on Venezuela

By the Alliance for Global Justice March 13, 2018   The Alliance for Global Justice along with other defenders of Venezuelan sovereignty call on Congresspeople, the President, members of Parliament and the Prime Minister of Canada to support the recent progress in dialogue made in Venezuela, rather than impose more sanctions,  and remove those now in place. Previously there were longstanding mediation talks between the Venezuelan government and the Opposition in the Dominican Republic, presided over by the former Prime Minister of Spain Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Dominican president, Danielo Medina, and the foreign ministers of Chile, Mexico, Bolivia,...

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On International Women’s Day, March 8

World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) March 6, 2018 Since its foundation, on October 3, 1945 until today, the WFTU has always stood on the side of women and female workers all around the globe. The big trade union family of the WFTU, since the very start of its long journey full of struggles and sacrifices, has included in its founding principles the fight for the equality between men and women as an integral part of the anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist fight. In this way and on this occasion of  International Women’s Day, 161 years after the March 8 women’s...

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Greece in NATO: 66 Years of Tragedies

By Nikos Mottas   March 1, 2018   It was 66 years ago, on 18th February 1952, when the Greek Parliament ratified the country’s accession to the imperialist North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Greece’s NATO membership turned the country into a base for the adventurous plans of the imperialists, both against the Soviet Union and the other socialist countries and in the broader region of the Middle East. At the same time, it was a decision that led our people into very dangerous situations, with poignant results which, seven decades later, continue to afflict Greece’s political affairs. The accession...

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Film Review: Black Panther

By Bruce Dixon   February 22, 2018   I finally got around to seeing the Black Panther movie Tuesday. I’ve been black nearly seven decades. My blackness does not require affirmation from the Disney/Marvel Comics Universe, where Tony Stark is a greedy Pentagon contractor, where Captain America is a genetically modified organism, where the Wakandan king and the wannabe king both work with/for the CIA, and where Daredevil’s pals (season 1 episode 4) note that investigative reporting on “teachers union scandals” is as personally perilous as crossing the Mafia. For those of us aiming to build a better world,...

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Top NY Times Editor: ‘We Are Pro-Capitalism, the Times Is in Favor of Capitalism’

By Adam Johnson March 1, 2018 Media criticism is, more often than not, a practice of inference: seeing patterns and inferring from those patterns the political make-up of media. Occasionally, however, decision-makers from major media outlets come right out and openly declare their ideology. This is what New York Times editorial page editor James Bennet—likely the most influential gatekeeper in all of media—did when he told Times staffers in a closed-door meeting last December that the paper of record was “pro-capitalism.” A recording of this meeting (originally called because of internal pushback on the right-wing shift in the Times‘...

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Venezuela in Crisis: Too Much US Intervention, Too Little Socialism

July 12, 2016 By W. T. Whitney Jr. Lisa Sullivan was worried: her neighbor was “up and waiting in line since 2 am, searching, unsuccessfully, to buy food for her large family.” Sullivan, who grew up in the United States and has lived in Venezuela for decades, is concerned too about Venezuela’s worsening economic and political crisis. Most Venezuelans have experienced major social gains courtesy of the Bolivarian Revolution, led by Hugo Chávez, president from 1999 to 2013, who espoused “socialism of the 21st century.” Oil exports fueled these gains and low oil prices are shaking the foundations of...

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Notes on the Capitalist Origins of Racial Oppression in the United States

  By W. T. Whitney Jr. February 26, 2018   When white people shed exculpatory myths and acknowledge the truth about slavery, they’ve arrived at what descendants of enslaved people know about only too well. But they need not stop there. They could test the proposition that historical memory contributes to undermining racial oppression.   Members of a small family group – myself included – showed up September 25, 2017 at the Freedom House Museum in Alexandria, Virginia. The museum tells the story of the wealth–producing Franklin & Armfield slave – trading firm. The building where it’s located served...

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From PyeongChang Winter Olympics to Lasting Peace

By Hyun Lee   February 16, 2018   ZoominKorea Perhaps the most moving moment in the opening days of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics was when Kim Yong-nam, the president of the Presidium of North Korea’s Supreme People’s Assembly, quietly wiped his tears as North and South Korean singers sang in unison at a concert celebrating the winter games. South Korean k-pop star SeoHyun held hands with North Korean singers as images of tearful North-South family reunions played in the backdrop of the finale of the North Korean Samjiyeon Orchestra’s historic performance in Seoul on February 11. As the concert...

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Caribbean Peace Movement: Hands Off Venezuela!

Editors’ Note: CARICOM is the international organization that unites the Caribbean community of nations.   26th February 2018 Dear Heads of States and Government of CARICOM, As CARICOM citizens, we are writing to you to express our deep concerns about the ongoing imperialist assaults against our sister nation of Venezuela, and also about the very troubling stance of some Heads of Government of our regional body. We wish to make it unmistakably clear to you– our Heads of Government–  that as CARICOM citizens we stand unwaveringly with our embattled sister nation of Venezuela in defense of its sovereignty and...

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From the Classics: The Civil War in France

From Frederick Engels’ 1891 Introduction to Karl Marx’s The Civil War in France  This shattering of the former state power and its replacement by a new and really democratic state is described in detail in the third section of The Civil War. But it was necessary to dwell briefly here once more on some of its features, because in Germany particularly the superstitious belief in the state has been carried over from philosophy into the general consciousness of the bourgeoisie and even to many workers. According to the philosophical notion, “the state is the realization of the idea” or...

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On Maxim Gorky

By Jenny Farrell Feb. 25, 2018 Alexei Maximovich Peshkov, or Maxim Gorky, was born 28 March 1868 in Nizhny Novgorod (named Gorky,1932-1990), and died 14 June 1936. He was a Russian and Soviet writer, the founder of socialist realism in literature, and a political activist. Gorky’s father, a carpenter, died of cholera aged 31. The transition to his grandfather’s world of poverty and violence shocked him. His uncles stabbed their wives to death; one of them sent to Siberia. When Gorky visited the house of his childhood many years later, he could not enter it. Memories were too traumatic....

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The Dawn of an Orwellian Future

By Robert Parry   August 4, 2017   Editors’ note: The recent  death of Robert Parry was a great  loss to independent, alternative journalism in the US.  Below is one of his  last articles. The U.S. mainstream media continues to spread its own “fake news,” like the falsehood about an intelligence community “consensus” on Russia-gate “hacking,” as algorithms begin to marginalize dissent, reports Robert Parry. It seems that The New York Times can’t let a good lie lie. Even after being pushed into running an embarrassing correction retracting its false claim that there was a consensus of all 17...

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