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Imperialism is Not Invincible!

Dear friends and comrades,On the occasion of this event, we should like to highlight several dangerous points underlying the attempts being made to vindicate fascism and Nazism in recent years, following the overturning of...

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Conflicting Scenarios

The foreign circumstances upon which the Brazilian electoral campaign is launched is not prone to the manifestation of platitudes or to sowing illusions. For a start, the economic environment is once again cloudy with signs of...

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The “AFL-CIA” ? Not Dead Yet

In 1995 when the supposedly "new" AFL-CIO was born, the old Cold War International Affairs apparatus of the AFL-CIO — built by rabid anti-Communists such as Jay Lovestone, Irving Brown, Bill Doherty and overseen...

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Arrogance of an Empire

Excellencies:Today is a particularly symbolic day. Cuba is a founding member of the Human Rights Council and the United States is not. Cuba was elected with the overwhelming support of 135 countries, more than two-thirds of the...

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