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Stop War Crimes!

The CPI denunciates Sharon’s government, which has aggravated the bloody war against the Palestinian People, especially against the Palestinian inhabitants in the Gaza Strip.During the month of September, the Israeli Army...

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Nationalize USAIR

Now let’s see if I understand this: USAIR asked the unions that have on two previous occasions released the company from its contractual wages and benefits, valued at $1 billion, to once again sacrifice, this time to the...

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Cuban Statement to the U.N. General Assembly

Mr. President:Every year at the United Nations we go through the same ritual. We attend the general debate knowing beforehand that the clamor for justice and peace by our underdeveloped countries will be ignored once again....

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Washington’s Secret Nuclear War

Illegal weapons of mass destruction have not only been found in Iraq but have been used against Iraqis and have even killed US troops. But Washington and its allies have tried to cover up this outrage because the chief culprit...

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