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Speech To Medical Graduates

Newly graduated doctors of the 2004-5 course;Members of the ‘Henry Reeve’ brigade;Health professionals who have completed glorious international missions;Students in their fourth, fifth and sixth years at the...

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Cuba at 60th General Assembly

Mr. Chairman,This meeting was called for the purpose of reviewing the progress that has been made "towards the commitments articulated in the UN Millennium Declaration" and "in the implementation of the outcomes...

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Who Murdered Arafat?

The day before yesterday the Haaretz headline screamed: "Doctors: Arafat died of Aids or poisoning". Aids appeared in first place.For dozens of years, the Israeli media has conducted, with government inspiration, a...

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Statement to Parliamentary Leaders

Mister President:First and forejost, we want to express our solidarity with the American people that is still suffering the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Let this tragedy be a matter of concern to the whole world and let this...

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Speech to Cuban Aide Workers

Dear members of the medical force assembled to offer assistance to those affected by hurricane Katrina in the South of the United States;Distinguished guests;Fellow Cubans:Hardly 48 hours ago I concluded my remarks on the Round...

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Iraq: The New US Approach

Early this year, the Wall Street Journal reported the emergence of a new element in the US struggle to defeat the Iraqi resistance ("New Factor in Iraq: Irregular Brigades Fill Security Void," February 16,...

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