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On A Third Alternative

The CPI(M) has advocated the need for a third alternative in Indian politics. It was the first Party to initiate moves for its formation. As far as the CPI(M) is concerned, the third alternative is necessary to be built so that...

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Opposing Real Capitalism

Luciano Álzaga: Several cases have come to the fore in the last few months about clandestine transfers of prisoners of the U.S. crusade on "terrorism" across some European nations, which denied knowledge of...

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The Case for Communism

Introduction"I DON’T SEE HOW you can ever get any real justice or prosperity, so long as there’s private property, and everything is judged in terms of money — unless you consider it just for the worst...

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We?ve Done It Before, So Why All The Shock?

The last three years have not been kind to the US-led, British-assisted, and collaborator-facilitated occupation of Iraq. They’ve been less kind to Iraq and its people. The lies, deceit, and fabrications on which the...

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