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UN Vote on the Blockade

Dear President, dear DelegatesToday is a day of particular importance for the United Nations. By? casting a vote for the fourteenth time on the draft resolution ?presented by Cuba, entitled ´The Need To Put An End To The...

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Cuban Foreign Minister’s Speech at the UN

Havana, Nov 10 (Prensa Latina) Prior to a historic vote by the UN General Assembly, the Cuban Foreign Minister, Felipe Perez Roque, delivered a speech condemning the US blockade of his country and providing evidence of its...

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Who Owns Solidarity Center?

Is AFL-CIO’s International Solidarity Center A Subsidiary of the U.S State Department? In 1997, the AFL-CIO established the American Center for International Labor Solidarity to develop organizing strategies for...

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Colombia ? No Option but Struggle

Liliany Obando is a member of the International Relations Commission of the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (the main trade union peak council in Colombia) and of the Federación Nacional Sindical Unitaria Agropecuaria...

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A Message From The Cuban Interests Section

Dear Cuba’s friends:The economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States since the very triumph of the Revolution has caused loses to Cuba amounting to more than 82,764 billion dollars. This figure...

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