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Statement to Parliamentary Leaders

Mister President:First and forejost, we want to express our solidarity with the American people that is still suffering the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Let this tragedy be a matter of concern to the whole world and let this...

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Speech to Cuban Aide Workers

Dear members of the medical force assembled to offer assistance to those affected by hurricane Katrina in the South of the United States;Distinguished guests;Fellow Cubans:Hardly 48 hours ago I concluded my remarks on the Round...

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Iraq: The New US Approach

Early this year, the Wall Street Journal reported the emergence of a new element in the US struggle to defeat the Iraqi resistance ("New Factor in Iraq: Irregular Brigades Fill Security Void," February 16,...

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AFL-CIO Foreign Policy

Report from the AFL-CIO Convention in Chicago, July 25-28, 2005As one who has posted a number of items on Chicago Indy Media before and during the Convention about the struggle to pass the "Build Unity and Trust Among...

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Kidnapping in Miami

AFTER years of effort, without much success, to get the truth out about the five young Cubans illegally imprisoned in the United States for combating Miami-based terrorism, a surprising ray of hope appeared on July 14. An AP...

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