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A History Worthy of Pride

Photos: Ediciones Verde Olivo The role of Cuba in the world since 1959 is unprecedented.[1] For more than four decades, Castro has challenged and humiliated the imperial arrogance of the United States. In the 1960’s,...

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World Tribunal on Iraq

I just returned from Istanbul, where I attended the last sitting of the World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI) and heard three days of testimony from researchers, scientists, and witnesses from all over the world (including Iraq) on...

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The Most Cowardly War in History

This is the culminating session of the World Tribunal on Iraq. It is of particular significance that it is being held here in Turkey where the United States used Turkish air bases to launch numerous bombing missions to degrade...

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A Rape in the Making

Under pressure from Washington, the Paris Club, a group of major capital exporting nations, agreed late last year to forgive 80 percent of Iraq’s debt, in return for Iraq yoking itself to the IMF. This was the largest debt...

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