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Zionism is a Form of Racism

In the Preconvention Discussion Document on U.S. international affairs and foreign policy, the two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli impasse is held up as being "the only solution that enables the Palestinian...

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In Defense of Cuba

To the Editors: Good People, One can find online at a statement "En defensa de Cuba." If you do not read Spanish, clicking on the middle flag will translate the statement into English. The...

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Kicking it up a Notch

What I find missing from the call on our Party to join in the impending struggle for jobs is the Communist plus. I believe it has been missing for quite a number of years in our party. The two quotes below help to clarify what...

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Pre-Convention Comment

Upon reading much of the pre-convention discussion I must agree with Michael Scheinberg’s points in "Kicking it up a  Notch," and also some of the comments on Party democracy. While not wanting to play into...

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For Marxism

In the booklet that contains the Main Discussion Documents on pp. 24-25, under the heading of MARXISM, it says the following: "Marxist methodology absorbs and metabolizes new experience; it gives special weight to new...

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