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Hands Off Lebanon

For the last two weeks, Israel has been waging an unprecedented barbaric assault against Lebanon. It has been committing a massacre after a massacre killing civilians, including children, women and the aged. It has been...

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The Latest Crime of Imperialism

We are living hard times when humanity awakens each day to new horrors, because the only superpower, the United States, strikes once again to impose its egotistical interests across the planet.The Palestinian and Lebanese people...

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Stop?Zionist State?Terrorism!

Warplanes, tanks and heavy artillery against defenseless civilian targets. This is the true picture of the zionist attacks against the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. Ehud Olmert and the other zionist leaders of Israel are trying to...

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The Fifth Day of the Aggression

The Fifth Day of the Aggression by the Lebanese Communist Party Circular of the Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party on Current developments for Party Organizations and Friends On Current Developments: The Fifth Day...

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