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U.S. Permits 3 Cancer Drugs From Cuba

The federal government is permitting a California biotechnology company to license three experimental cancer drugs from Cuba, making an exception to the policy of tightly restricting trade with that country. The company,...

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The Deceitful “Power Transfer” In Iraq

1. Two days before the deadline, in a mixture of propaganda and semi-theatrical simulation — a true deceit — a secret ceremony was held on June 28, in a building surrounded by American tanks, to formally transfer...

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One Step Forward in Iraq

By adopting a comprehensive resolution on June 8, the United Nations Security Council has moved back to centre stage in Iraq.Although the resolution is being touted in the Western media as a victory for Bush and Blair, the fact...

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Why Marxism-Leninism Today?

Politics without Marxism-Leninism is like a journey with no map. Throughout the last century and a half, the thinking of Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Vladimir Lenin and many of their followers has propelled the working classes...

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