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The Murder of Cactus

They have extracted the insides of Mother Earth and buried our poisoned people in the cemetery of human misery. A cactus flourishes in the desert that is liberty in Middle America. It grows with drops from the sprinkling of pain...

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Workers Will Not Pay! May 1st

The period we live in is one of aggressive imperialism, anti-labour neo-liberal policies and of the international economic crisis of the capitalist system.  This crisis is expressed in all sectors: in the economy, the...

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The Insanities of Our Era

There is no alternative but to call things by their true name. Anyone with minimal commonsense can observe without much effort how little realism remains in the current world. When United States President Barack Obama was...

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Zionism is a Form of Racism

In the Preconvention Discussion Document on U.S. international affairs and foreign policy, the two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli impasse is held up as being "the only solution that enables the Palestinian...

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In Defense of Cuba

To the Editors: Good People, One can find online at a statement "En defensa de Cuba." If you do not read Spanish, clicking on the middle flag will translate the statement into English. The...

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Kicking it up a Notch

What I find missing from the call on our Party to join in the impending struggle for jobs is the Communist plus. I believe it has been missing for quite a number of years in our party. The two quotes below help to clarify what...

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