Author: Michael Jerome

A Political Conundrum

Sixteen months ago, political commentators and analysts felt they had a handle on the mood of US citizens. All saw the election of Obama and the sweep of Congress as a powerful rejection of the politics of the Bush era,...

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A Change in Direction? Nope

With the New Year, Sam Webb, the chairman of the CPUSA has offered some new, ostensibly self-critical assessments of the Obama Administration’s first twelve months. (Observations One Year In). "Ostensibly...

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Marx in Copenhagen

"Goodbye Africa, goodbye South Asia; goodbye glaciers and sea ice, coral reefs and rainforest; it was nice knowing you." Such was UK Guardian writer George Monbiot’s dismay as the recent Copenhagen Climate...

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Israel Resembles a Failed State

One year has passed since the savage Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip, but for the people there time might as well have stood still. Since Palestinians in Gaza buried their loved ones — more than 1,400 persons, almost 400 of...

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