By the Sudanese Communist Party

December 13, 2021



– As a background to the recent developments before and after the military coup of the 25th October 2021, it is worth mentioning that the struggle in the country since the uprising in September 2013 is between the forces demanding radical change, that include the overthrow, dismantling and liquidating the dictatorial regime of the Muslim Brotherhood and establishing a democratic civilian rule, and the forces that stand for a compromise, as included in the project of Soft Landing developed and proclaimed by US imperialism. This project seeks to draw certain political parties and armed groups whose interests are similar to the foreign interests and form a part of the ruling circles and to enlarge their social base.

– The Sudanese Communist Party, together with the patriotic and democratic forces, continues to reject the imperialist and reactionary forces and to pursue the revolutionary path by coordinating, mobilizing and organizing actions by the workers peasants, the Resistance Committees and the professional bodies. This was reflected in the first mass protest actions in January 2018. And since then the grassroots work has resulted in drawing tens of thousands who joined the struggle on the platform provided by the Sudanese CP and its allies. In fact the main popular slogan of the masses is the slogan of the 6th Congress of the Sudanese CP.

– It is along these lines the struggle continues till today.

– With the sharpening of the political and class contradictions, the advances made by the mass democratic peaceful protest actions, the Security Committee of Al-Bashir regime staged its coup on 25th October 2021 with the main purpose of blocking the advance of the masses and aborting the gains of the December 2018 Revolution.

-The attempts of the Security Committee and those political and armed groups to hide behind the Revolution’s slogan of Freedom, Peace and Justice did not deceive anyone, and is a lie that has no legs.

-The 25th of October coup was preceded by the introduction of amendments to the Constitutional Document, as its most important provisions were totally violated and torn apart. These amendments, that were included in the first announcement by the coup leaders, stressed on the Juba Agreement and the establishment of the Council of Partners which paved the way for the political and constitutional onslaught against the revolutionary process.

– The Sudanese CP has condemned the coup and the arrest of civilians, including the active members of the Resistance Committees, and the usurping of political and democratic rights. It strongly condemned the use of brutal force against the protesters which resulted in the death of 54 demonstrators and over 150 wounded, some of them are in very critical condition.

-To legitimize the coup and under the pressure of international and regional pressure, the coup leader Burhan signed a political agreement with Hamdok promising to establish a civilian government under the tutelage of the Security Committee. This agreement was rejected by the overwhelming majority of political forces. The coup paves the way for a sharp right-wing turn at the top of the present regime. It constitutes a return to dark days of Al-Bashir’s era of “Ghost Houses” which were secret detention and torture centres.

– The Sudanese democratic and patriotic forces have achieved many victories, and with awareness and courage they have defeated their enemies and have protected their revolution. The epics of the mass marches numbering in millions, during the period from 30th June 2019 to October, November and December 2021, are the most prominent features of the resilience and steadfastness of the masses in heroic resistance to the dictatorial regime.

– The Sudanese CP is working with all the relevant forces to strengthen and establish the broadest front to resist and defeat the coup. In this context, cooperation, coordination and united actions with the workers, the Resistance Committees, and the Preparatory Committees to establish trade unions, the Demands Committees, the Professional Alliance and the civil society are vital for the defeat of the coup.

– The Sudanese CP calls for the continuation of mass actions. These actions are a result of mobilization of the grassroots where the party local branches, the workers the youth, students and women organizations play their role to draw the masses, irrespective of their political affiliation, to the battle against the coup and for dismantling and liquidation of the dictatorial rule. The SCP calls on the masses and their organizations to redouble their joint efforts for the realization of an economic policy aimed at solving the present hardship faced by the majority of the people. This includes rejecting the dictates of the IMF and the World Bank. Furthermore, it demands the dissolution of all militias, including the Rapid Defence Force, and the establishment of a comprehensive popular peace in Darfur as an alternative to the quota-based Juba Agreement, achieving justice and retribution for all the martyrs and the handing over of the deposed dictator to the International Criminal Court.

– The Sudanese CP expresses its gratitude to all Communist and Workers parties who have expressed their prompt and unwavering support to the struggle of our people. The SCP strongly denounces the position of certain communist parties which have remained silent, thus betraying the ideals and principle of internationalism and solidarity that unite our movement.

-To defeat the coup and continue the struggle to achieve the goal of establishing the complete democratic civilian rule, the Sudanese CP emphasize the importance of escalating mass actions in various forms, including protest marches, protest strikes and vigils, besieging the coup at home and abroad, as well as the mobilization of the widespread and persistent popular movement to prepare for launching the general political strike and civil disobedience. All these actions of struggle are being waged to achieve and build the complete democratic civilian rule in Sudan.