Unite the Union recently merged with the United Steelworkers of America.

Unite the Union pledges solidarity with the Bolivian Government and calls for the people of Bolivia to be allowed to determine their own future free from external interference

Unite the Union is the largest union in the UK with more than 2 million members, it is also the largest single affiliate of the Labour Party – the governing party in the UK.

The delegation here in Bolivia is a high level delegation consisting of the General Secretary, Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee, members of the secretariat and senior work place representatives from all sectors and regions of the union.

Unite is present here in Bolivia to express in the strongest terms its solidarity with the Government of Bolivia, and the democratic and cultural changes that are taking place in the country.

The natural resources of any country are there to benefit the whole of the population and not just a privileged elite.

Unite therefore particularly welcomes the nationalisation of water and hydrocarbons sectors and the removal of these crucial sectors from the hands of multinational companies.

Unite also strongly supports the manner in which wealth from these resources is now being used to provide social benefits such as minimum pensions and payments to support children attending school.

Unite believes that the changes in Bolivia and in much of the rest of Latin America present a challenge to the negative forces of globalisation and the neo-liberal agenda that is being driven by the multinational companies.

Unite calls on all external forces to refrain from interfering in Bolivia’s internal affairs and to refrain from supporting the forces that are intent on breaking up the country.