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Celebrating Solidarity

Be there when a showing of Gerardo Hernandez’ political cartoons opens.  That’s on May 1, International Worker’s Day, at the Meg Perry Center in Portland, Maine at 644 Congress Street. Food and...

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May Day 2013

The World Federation of Trade Unions appeals to all trade union organizations in the world to organize on the occasion of May Day 2013 rallies and activities in all countries, on all continents, honoring International Workers’...

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Free the Five

Unions and solidarity groups from across Canada, together with the Canadian Network on Cuba and La Table de concertation de solidarité de Quebec-Cuba, and participants from five countries, are convoking the Peoples’...

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ICR Issue # 2

The second issue of the International Communist Review is published in a particularly crucial period of a deep capitalist economic crisis. It is published in a period when the bourgeois attack on people’s rights escalates, the...

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October 3rd Day of Action

The Secretariat of WFTU has decided that the International Action Day for the year 2011 will be October 3,  2011. This day was chosen because the 3rd October is the day when FSM was founded in 1945. The main slogans for the...

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Back to the Streets!

Rally against the wars at home and abroad on April 9th! Please endorse the National Call To Action for  Bi-coastal Antiwar Demonstrations in New York and San Francisco on April 9, 2011.

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Call For Massive Demonstration

One nation is about reordering our nation’s priorities to invest in our most valuable resource — our people. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve the American Dream — a secure job, a safe home, and a...

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WFTU Launches New Magazine

We live in the age of technology. The communication among the unions and trade unionists is mostly through the internet and e-mail.  These tools are really useful and we ought to make use of them in order for our positions and...

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Workers Will Not Pay! May 1st

The period we live in is one of aggressive imperialism, anti-labour neo-liberal policies and of the international economic crisis of the capitalist system.  This crisis is expressed in all sectors: in the economy, the...

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