We are seeking united and popular fronts of struggle on all the main problems facing the working class and peoples of Britain, including against racism and the rise of the fascist right.

A new publishing house, Manifesto Press, has produced three new books to carry forward the battle of ideas on the left and in the trade union, peace and solidarity movements.

But what we believe is now required on the global level is closer, organised co-operation and co-ordination between the Communist and Workers Parties. The remit of the Working Group could be extended to promote links between leading comrades in different parties in each major field of political and trade union work. An international programme for Marxist-Leninist education could be established through the internet. And the extended work of the Working Group needs to be facilitated by a permanent office, with one or two full-time staff supplied by parties which have the necessary resources.

Our Communist and working class internationalism is one of our greatest potential strengths. As the monopoly capitalists and their state representatives meet, plan and take initiatives at the global level through a host of different institutions, we Communists have a responsibility to do likewise in the interests of workers and their families, humanity and our planet.

The full text of this contribution is at  http://11imcwp.in/content/intervention-cp-britain

Nov. 20-22, 2009