Some parties, due to lack of knowledge about the national conditions of China, think that China has given up Marxism and has deviated from the socialist path, and some even call China’s system “authoritarian capitalism.”

But these accusations are not true. As you all know, China is a large oriental country with relatively backward economy and culture. China is and will for a long time to come remain at the primary stage of socialism. There are no references in the classics on how to carry forward Marxism and develop socialism within our special national conditions. The CPC has always upheld Marxism as our fundamental guiding ideology, insisted in adapting the basic tenets of Marxism to Chinese conditions and the features of the times and tried to explore a new road for building socialism. CPC leaders of successive generations have pooled wisdom of the whole party, drawn upon the experiences and lessons of other countries and established a system of theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

The CPC as the ruling party must learn by exploration from all the excellent achievements of human civilisation including means and management systems which can reflect the laws governing modern social production such as the capitalist market economic system.

However, this doesn’t mean that we are pursuing capitalism, let alone changing into it. On the contrary, our purpose is to improve, consolidate and develop socialism. I am convinced that the unremitting exploration of the Chinese communists, their success in building a stronger China can not only help enrich and develop Marxism, but also encourage and inspire communists across the world to stick to socialism. This, I believe, will be a great contribution to international socialist movement.


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Nov. 20-22, 2009