By the Communist Party of Britain

July 2, 2024


“Whoever takes office after 4 July, the ruling capitalist class will remain in power in Britain”, Johnnie Hunter, the Communist Party’s Director of Communications, told the Party’s political committee on 25 June 2024.

“Across the pro-establishment political parties and the state and monopoly media, there is almost total unity on the fundamental questions facing working people: austerity, privatisation, migration, PalestineUkraine and growing militarism”, he declared.

The Communist Party’s Director of Communications said the defeat of the Tories in the General Election will be welcomed, but working people should have no illusions about an incoming right-wing Labour government under Keir Starmer.

“Backed by powerful sections of big business, Starmer will attempt to stifle the green shoots of industrial militancy, class struggle and anti-imperialism which have sprung up recently”, although he predicted the new political scenario offered opportunities to advance the class struggle and and promote the case for socialist revolution.

He emphasised the need to develop a “united front” of working class organisations to prepare for the battles to come.

The CP Political Committee agreed plans for a second “Red Weekend” in the Party’s election campaign, following activity in more than 50 towns and cities last weekend.


The 12 priorities of the Communist Party

These are our 12 priorities for the 2024 election:

— Palestine: Solidarity with the Palestinian people — stop funding and arming Israel’s genocide, prosecute the war criminals and recognise the Palestinian State.
— Austerity: End austerity and properly fund local and national public services by taxing the rich and big business.
— The NHS: End the creeping privatisation of our NHS and properly fund it with massive investment across Britain.
— Public ownership: Take the railways, Royal Mail, water and energy sectors into public ownership and democratic control — without compensation for the privateers.
— Jobs and industry: create quality and high-paying jobs and apprenticeships across Britain by rebuilding productive industry.
— Women’s rights: Give women full protection of the law against domestic violence and misogyny. Pension justice for WASPI women. Protect women’s sex-based rights. Equal pay for every type of work. Rights to socialised childcare and full employment rights for women from day one at work.
— Migration and anti-racism: Bring workers together at work and in communities. No scapegoating of refugees or migrant workers. For an anti-racist immigration and nationality law. Oppose right-wing racism and fascism. Combat anti-semitism and Islamophobia.
— Housing: Begin a mass campaign of council house building and introduce immediate controls on rent.
— Democracy: Abolish the House of Lords and reverse Tory and Labour attacks on our democratic rights, civil liberties and trade union rights.
— Progressive federalism: devolve new powers to the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments and create regional assemblies for England to intervene for working people, jobs and public services.
— Peace: An independent foreign policy for peace. Withdraw from Nato. Demand peace in Ukraine. End the new cold war against China and get rid of nuclear weapons.
— The environment: A new green industrial revolution to fight climate change.