The visit of the US President Barack Obama to Turkey was protested at demonstrations held in Istanbul and Ankara.

A demonstration was held to protest the US President Barack Obama, who arrived Istanbul last evening. At the demonstration in Istanbul held by the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) at Taksim Trolley Station, it was stated that an important aspect of the visit is to bargain on “the cheap soldiers” of Turkey, and Obama’s visit will reinforce Turkey’s dependence on US imperialism.

TKP members, who started the rally from Beyoğlu County Organization at 12:30 pm carried a banner reading “Obama, take Tayyip with you and go”, and shouted the slogans, “This country belongs to us, down with imperialism”, “Join the ranks against Obama”, “Fethullah is free of charge to those who buy Tayyip” and “Yankee go home”.

“Our people should not delegate her own problems to imperialism”

After the protestors arrive at Taksim Trolley Station, a press statement was made. At the statement, Erkan Baş, the Chairman of TKP, reminded that all bourgeois forces, foremost the government, made their best to present the arrival of Barack Obama to Ankara yesterday as a “feast and a gospel of salvation”. Emphasizing that TKP primarily warns the people against this lie, Erkan Baş said, “None of the problems of our country can be solved through the intervention or the manipulation of imperialism. Only our people can solve the problems of our country, including those caused by imperialism itself. Whoever says ‘I am going to solve your problems’ to the people of Turkey is lying.”

“Obama is taking a step to reinforce dependency”

Baş stated that the people can find solutions to their problems only by getting organized and relying on their own power, and added that presenting Obama as a hope and liberator to the people is sign of impotence. Baş said, “All bourgeois parties, both at the government and opposition, cannot create an alternative apart from a completely dependent country”. Emphasizing that most of the problems of Turkey are due to dependence on imperialism, Baş continued, “TKP is protesting the visit of Obama to our country since we recognize this as a step taken for strengthening this dependence. The United States is one of the most important imperialist forces of the world.”

The cheapest soldiers of the world are in Turkey

Baş stated that imperialism is an organization based on occupation and war. “We do not need to go far back in history or to distant regions. We remember what happened in the vicinity of our country, in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, in the last decade. Iraq is still under US invasion”, Baş said. Erkan Baş also highlighted that the most important support of the everlasting Israeli aggression comes from the US imperialism. Baş underlined that the US has specified a new administration to implement her new plans and Obama, who is put in the showcase of this administration, will be the implementer of the same missions. Stating that Obama’s visit to Turkey exemplifies this process, Baş said, “The most important aspect of this visit is the fact that Turkey is the country which has ‘the cheapest soldiers’ of the world. The major reason why Turkey is a country visited by Obama at the first instance, which is a point glorified by collaborators, is this fact, and immediately after expressing this, we should also note that the rapid realization of their plans towards our region is a top priority of the new US administration.”

“We have to get organized against imperialism”

Baş declared that TKP warns the people against these events and said, “If the blood of our youth has been put on the negotiation table, if the sons of poor workers will be sent to war for the interests of the US, those who are for peace and fraternity must strengthen their organized force.” Baş pointed out that the only road to the salvation of Turkey is to fight against imperialism and independence, and added, “Our people should trust in their own power and get organized to advance through this road. All agreements made with imperialism should be torn into pieces, all US military bases in our country should be shut down and NATO should be disbanded!” The demonstration ended after the press statement.

“Yankee go home” slogans in Ankara

Obama’s arrival to Ankara was protested at Kızılay in Ankara. Political parties, trade unions and mass organizations gathered at Sakarya Square to say “Yankee go home” to Obama, who spent his first day of visit in Ankara.

The protestors carried banners reading “Obama get out” and “Intruder Obama, take Tayyip with you and go”. Afterwards, a press statement written by the organizations participating in the demonstration was read. The statement expressed that the purpose of Obama’s visit right after G-20 and NATO summits is to impose the new roles specified for Turkey and to inflict additional burdens upon the people of Turkey.