Brussels, European Parliament


June 8, 2017


Today, on June 8th,  the International Trade Union Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, in the European Parliament successfully concluded under the slogan: “Stop  the policy of blockading Cuba”

Trade unionists from 13 countries from all over the world reiterated their internationalist solidarity with the heroic Cuban people and demanded the end of the criminal blockade imposed by the US imperialists and their allies.

Furthermore, in an internationalist spirit of solidarity, the class-oriented trade unionists condemned the illegitimate usurpation of the Guantanamo territory by  US governments since 1903, demanding its immediate return to the Cuban state and people.

In this way, we decided the launch of a dynamic international campaign with two concrete demands: 1) the immediate end of the imperialist blockade against Cuba, as an act of violation of the Cuban people’s human rights. The imperialist blockade  imposed by various US governments continues to hinder  the growth of Cuban economy and provokes food and medicine scarcity on the island. Despite the strong rejection of this unhuman blockade by the international community, this criminal policy is still in force.  Therfore we call upon every militant trade union in the world to develop various activities, denouncing the blockade policies.

We also demand 2) the unconditional return of the Guantanamo territory to Cuba, ending this way the illegitimate occupation of a part of Cuba’s national soil by the US imperialism for more than a hundred years. We demand that the sovereignty of Cuban state be respected.

The people of Cuba have the right to determine and decide by  themselves on their present and future. The right of all peoples to their self-determination cannot be questioned.

We have already achieved a great victory for the international trade union movement through the liberation of the Cuban Five who were imprisoned for their activity in defense of their homeland and people. It was because of the solidarity and support of the international trade union movement that we succeeded in setting them free.

Thus, after such a great victory, we are now organizing a new international campaign with these two concrete goals. We call upon every one of you to demonstrate its solidarity and to stand by the side of this heroic and proud people. It’s in our hands to help Cuba make another step forward for the attainment of its people’s contemporary needs.

The working class of Cuba has never been and will never be alone! Imperialism is not invincible! Long live the Cuban People!

Brussels International Trade Union Meeting

Class-oriented – uniting – democratic – modern – independent – internationalist!