The Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (Workers’ Center of Cuba) has reiterated its support for socialism and for the measures now being adopted to make the Cuban production model more efficient.

A statement by the National Secretariat of the CTC published in the daily papers Granma and Trabajadores says: “It is urgent that Cuba advances economically, organises its production, capitalises on its productivity potential, and improves discipline and efficiency. That will be possible only through the dedicated and dignified work of our people . . . The Cubans’ duty today is to work responsibly, to get the most from the resources that we have in order to satisfy our needs. It is unavoidable that the procedure involves staff reduction in order to use human resources in the best way possible. The success of this process depends a lot on the political work of the trade union movement under the leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba.”

The statement concludes: “The unity of the Cuban workers and people has been decisive in the materialisation of the great results of the Revolution, and it will continue to be essential as our most important strategic weapon in the process of transformations that is now beginning.”

The statement also says that the Cuban state cannot maintain businesses or production or service entities that have inflated payrolls, which are counter-productive and weigh down the economy.

With regard to salaries, the CTC stated that the principle of socialist distribution of payment based on the amount and quality of work would be revitalised.

September 13, 2010