December 19, 2016

Eric Draitser of Counterpunch Radio interviews Dan Kovalik on the situation in Colombia.

This week Eric welcomes human rights attorney and lecturer Dan Kovalik onto the program to discuss recent developments in Colombia, and how that strategic US ally fits into the broader politics and geopolitics of Latin America. Dan provides his analysis of the recent referendum on a peace agreement between the Colombian government and FARC rebels, and how this latest news impacts the politics of the country. The conversation also highlights the ongoing genocide in Colombia and the systematic oppression and mass murder against indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities. Eric and Dan also examine the role that Colombia plays in the destabilization of Venezuela, and as a foothold for US political and military power projection in the region. From paramilitary deep state networks to the fraudulent War on Drugs, CounterPunch Radio brings you another episode of analysis and commentary you simply won’t find anywhere else.

The interview runs a little over one hour.