Editor’s note: as of November 3, 2009 the CPUSA is not yet a signatory.

Taking into account the brutal coup d’état against democracy in the fraternal Republic of Honduras and the necessity to extend the broadest possible solidarity with the people of Honduras and to reject the plans of imperialism and oligarchy rooted in the brother country

The undersigned parties call:

• For the restoration of the government of the constitutional elected president Manuel Zelaya

• For the respect of the physical integrity of the demonstrators and militants mobilized to defend democracy. We condemn the oppression of the popular movement and demand the punishment of those responsible.

• For the right to freedom of the political forces inside and outside the parliament, as well as of the people’s organizations.

• For the condemnation of the role of US imperialism and the withdrawal of their bases and military forces throughout the region.

• We call upon all Communist Parties, anti-imperialist movements and organizations to strengthen their solidarity with the popular forces in Honduras, with the communists and the anti-imperialists that struggle for national sovereignty.

20 October 2009

German Communist Party (DKP)

Communist Party of Argentina (PCA)

Brazilian Communist Party (PCB)

Communist Party of Brasil (PCdoB)

Communist Party of Bolivia (PCP)

Communist Party of Chile (PCCh)

Colombian Communist Party (PCC)

Communist Party of Cuba (PCC)

Communist Party of Greece (KKE)

Pole of Communist Rennaisance in France (PRCF)

Party of the Communists of Mexico (PCM)

Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE)

Paraguayan Communist Party (PCP)

Peruvian Communist Party (PCP)

Communist Party of Uruguay (PCU)

Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV)

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine