Resolution of the General Assembly of the steelworkers of the “Helliniki Halivourgia” Industry

Colleagues, hear the voice of the steelworkers! We, the 400 workers of the Greek Steelworks industry (Helliniki Halivourgia), are on strike, like a clenched fist, for the 16th day.

And we continue!

We do not move back, we have chosen the path of honor and dignity, to defend the bread and the future of our children.

We do not return to work amidst fire and iron, for 500€. We demand that our 34 colleagues, who were laid off, return to work.

Our struggle concerns the whole working class.

The employer, Greek Steelworks is the battering ram of the industrialists.

Greek Steelworks is the first industry attempting to impose 5-hour workday with wage cuts, flexible employment relationships, unpaid overtime and removal of  security rights by blackmailing us with losing our jobs.

The layoffs were made to terrorize us, because on our General Assembly we unanimously rejected the employers demand to work part-time, 5 hours a day, with a 40% wage cut. At the same time our hard work, increased the production last year from 196,000 to 266,000 tonnes, hard work with daily labor accidents and a dead worker.

The employer’s profits are immense, and it continues to blackmail that if we do not accept its  demands to work as slaves, it will lay off 180 more workers.

The steelworkers gave the employer the right answer. We overcame fear, blackmails, the threat of hunger. We went on strike!

We are standing up. We are already victorious. No one can bend us!

The industrialists in the factories around us were waiting for us to get tired, to return to work with our heads bowed, to sign up to a 5-hours workday. The employer admitted that it did not expect such a struggle! We have proven that workers have boundless power. For 16 days, 24 hours a day, we guard our strike. They felt our power and we have been taught a lot more. We can distinguish friends from enemies.

We rely on the power of solidarity. Dozens trade unions have supported us from day #1. PAME stands on our side.

Support the steelworkers’ struggle in every way you can.

For the steelworker there is no way back!

If we lose, the door opens for a 5-hour workday and the law of the jungle for workers in other factories, which is what the industrialists await. The steelworkers’ victory will be a victory of the whole working class. That is why we want you on our side.

Thus far, the terror, blackmail,  and the attack against workers have not and shall not pass!

Support the strikers steelworkers in all ways possible: resolutions, announcements, press releases by trade unions, neighborhoods, youth and women organizations, everywhere, outside the factory’s gate, financial aid and gathering food for the strikers’ families.

We denounce to all workers, the leadership of the Federation of Workers in Metal Sector, and of the Regional Trade Union of Elefsina. During the past 16 days, not only they did not call a single meeting to organize a solidarity campaign, but they “advise” us to bow our heads. They slander us. They try to divide us. We call workers to bypass them and to organize in every workplace.

Victory will be hard, but it will be ours!

Steelworkers do not bow their heads .

Standing alongside the people in resistance and struggle!

Editors’ Note:
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(PAME) All Workers Militant Front
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November 16, 2011