The Assembly of the World Peace Council was successfully held on April 9-10, 2008 in Caracas, Venezuela, with the participation of 265 delegates and 285 participants from 124 Organisations from 76 countries. After a rich and very fruitful discussion the participants of the Assembly concluded with the following declaration to the peoples of the world:
The developments that have taken place since the last WPC Assembly in May of 2004 have continued to rise to a situation which is crucial for humanity, a situation marked by the growing intensity of the aggressiveness of the world strategy of the USA as it strives to impose and consolidate the new world order of war and oppression. Humanity as a whole is facing the accelerated aggressiveness of the imperialist policies. Its concerted effort to secure its domination is accompanied by an exacerbation and an upsurge in rivalries over markets, energy and strategic resources and for geopolitical and geostrategic dominance. It is becoming particularly acute in regions of strategic importance for economic and geopolitical control, such as the Balkans, Eurasia and Africa.

On the other hand, certain developments in different countries of the world are helping to build more obstacles for imperialism as it faces increasing political isolation deriving from its arbitrary and unilateral acts of violation of human and peoples’ rights. Resistance against imperialism such as in Latin America or the Middle East is giving hope to the people for reaching a just and peaceful world. WPC calls for equitable political relationship among nations, free of military threats and imperialist domination, and for a world order of peace and justice based on the peaceful principles of the UN Charter.
Today, US-led imperialism is threatening national sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries. Aljost all recent interventions of imperialists in all regions have resulted in divisions of countries and separation of peoples by war and blood. Unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo has been the latest and dramatic example of the “divide and rule” policy of imperialism. Separatist ideas and movements are supported and manipulated by imperialism. The so-called independent states formed by division of present states turn out to be nothing but protectorates, which serve as bases for imperialistic activities. It is therefore important that the world peace movement take a firm stance against this "divide and rule" policy of imperialism and that the notions of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the states should be more strongly emphasized.
Another threat for world peace and humanitarian values today is the strengthening of reactionary, fundamentalist, conservative and racist ideologies throughout the world, a development that is facilitating the rule of the capitalists and imperialists. WPC and the world peace movement should also strengthen action against reactionary ideas and racism and promote humanitarian and progressive ideologies.
The domination of the new imperialist world order is worsening the economic situation of the working people and of the peoples in general in both developed and developing countries. The promotion of capitalist restructuring and neo-liberal policies with the withdrawal of workers’ gains and the implementation of flexible forms of employment, the abolition of collective agreements and the generalized privatizations in all sectors are causing an increase in poverty, unemployment, hunger and misery. Social problems and tensions are on the rise. Discontent is growing and the working people are waging struggles with which the peace movement can and must link up. The WPC denounces the growing military spending, the responsibility of which lies, in the first place, with the USA. The WPC demands substantial cuts in military budgets and relocation of the resources for social expenses including welfare, education and living.
International relations are becoming more and more militarized. The European Union is more frequently taking aggressive stances in its international relations vis a vis the resolution of latent and emerging conflicts, or prolonged and ongoing wars. The complicity of the European Union with NATO, a self-appointed aggressive alliance of world jurisdiction, is not only a danger to peace in the world but as well a dangerous and self-destructive policy for the peoples of Europe. The terrorist organization NATO continues to be one of the greatest threats for the peoples of the world. Wherever NATO intervenes, basic principles of international law and the Founding Charter of the UN are being flagrantly violated. Yugoslavia had been the field for the application of the new NATO doctrine previously, Afghanistan occupation is undertaken by NATO troops. The expansion of NATO is threatening for the whole world. In this context, the WPC salutes the people of Ukraine, jost of who oppose their country’s membership to NATO and demands that immediate steps be taken to effect the dismantling of NATO.
The WPC is in solidarity with growing movements for the abolition of foreign military bases, which are tools of war and aggression.
The concept of “war against terror”, amongst others, is used by imperialists to limit the democratic right of the people especially in European and North American countries. In the recent period authoritarianism, policing and the offensive against democratic rights and liberties have become harsher with bloody attacks by the police and other repressive forces. The CIA activity has been officially disclosed, with its illegal abductions and arrests of hundreds of innocent citizens being made with the agreement of European governments, along with the use of European airports for their transport. A monstrous monitoring system has been set up, ranging from cameras spying on all of people’s activities all the way to the establishment of databases including DNA files.
At the same time, the ideological offensive is growing and the falsification of history is being pushed so as to justify the crimes of imperialism. Any country that does not submit is considered, under imperialism, to be undemocratic and any people that resists is considered to be terrorist. An attempt is under way to revive fascism in Europe. Progressive movements are being slandered in order to poison the minds of the younger generation. Along with the popular movements, the WPC defends democratic rights, the history of the progressive movement, its positions and the rivers of blood shed by the peoples for freedom and social progress. We shall struggle with all our might to prevent the ideological Dark Age being pushed by imperialism so as to consolidate its domination.
On the other hand, this is the 7th year in the occupation of Afghanistan and 5th year in the occupation of Iraq. However, USA was halted in Iraq, US plans were disrupted and new aggressions were impeded or delayed due to this development. This is an important gain for humanity. The WPC expresses its solidarity with the Iraqi people and its legitimate right to resist the occupation. The WPC demands the end of the occupation in Iraq right away and without any condition, immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops in the country and the compensation of all losses of the Iraqi people.
Peoples of the world are still faced with the threat of nuclear war, represented by the US policy of pre-emptive nuclear attack. The so-called North Korean nuclear crisis also has clearly established the discriminatory nature of the NPT regime. With development and perfection of nuclear technologies and delivery systems by imperialism, the possibility of establishment of Nuclear Weapon Free Zones has become completely redundant. Elimination of nuclear weapons is an urgent task for all humanity. Today, a call for abolition of nuclear weapons is growing all over the world. The WPC demands that all countries having nuclear weapons take concrete steps for abolishing their nuclear arsenal towards the 2010 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference. Moreover, The WPC calls for actions to be taken for a general disarmament all over the world.
US administration applies “double standards” for nuclear weapons in order to legitimize the aggression against Iran, although the alleged weapon programme of Iran stands thoroughly exposed with the latest National Intelligence Estimates by the official US agencies. WPC demands that the nuclear arsenal of USA and Israel be first brought on the agenda and measures be taken against the nuclear threat that these countries cause for humanity. The Middle East ought to be a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone with the elimination of the nuclear arsenal of Israel.
The WPC condemns the aggressive attitude of the imperialist countries, first of the USA, towards Iran and Syria and calls all peace organizations and people to stay on alert in view of a probable attack on these countries. The WPC supports the movement of the Iranian people against war and military threats by the USA, EU and Israel. It declares its solidarity with the struggle of the Iranian progressive forces for peace, democracy and social justice. The WPC demands economic sanctions on Iran be lifted and Golan Heights of Syria and Shabaa Farms of Lebanon, occupied by Israel, be freed from occupation.
Latest Israeli attacks on civilians in the Gaza Strip prove once again that the continuous massacre of Palestinian People continues. Israeli expansion in the Palestinian lands must be stopped immediately. Illegal settlements that mean occupation of Palestinian land ought to be dismantled. The separation wall must be demolished. The WPC salutes the struggle of the Palestinian people against Israeli oppression and reaffirms that the only just and possible solution to the problem is the establishment of an independent Palestinian State in the boundaries of 1967, with Eastern Jerusalem as its capital. The solution of the issue of the refugees and the return of the Palestinian refugees ought to be based on the UN Assembly resolution 194 and in line with the related UN Security Council resolutions. Palestinian and other Arab prisoners in the Israeli prisons must be freed. The Israeli government should ratify the chemical weapons convention and comply with the International Atomic Inspection treaty. A fact-finding mission must be set up in order to gather information in Palestine concerning the new wave of aggressive acts against civilians and the usage of depleted uranium. The WPC urges all governments to terminate all military and security ties with Israel.
The ongoing US and NATO military intervention in Afghanistan is a deliberate attempt to seize cross-roads of South, Central and Western Asia. WPC demands the withdrawal of all foreign troops in this country; sovereignty must be given back to the people of the country.
The situation in South Asia is grave with the growth and intensity of religious fundamentalism and continuing ethnic conflicts. In jost cases, in addition to the specific internal factors, the situation has been exacerbated by direct and indirect intervention of imperialism. The continued presence of NATO forces in Afghanistan has led to the disquiet of the people in parts of Pakistan, particularly in the Paki-Afghan border. The growth of fundamentalist forces on the one hand and the continued US support to the military backed presidency in Pakistan has led to the tragic assassination of Benazir Bhutto. In Bangladesh, also the demand for holding of democratic elections is being sought to be postponed by a virtual military backed administration supported by the US and other imperialist powers. In Sri Lanka, the ethnic conflicts demand an early political solution. The WPC expresses its solidarity with the people of South Asia marked by intense poverty, hunger, illiteracy and unemployment, where imperialist machinations that divert attention through these conflicts and undermine the just quest for peace, unity and development. It also hails the achievement of the Nepali people’s struggle for establishment of democracy and demands the release of al political prisoners in Burma, Ang Sung Kyi being the forejost among them.
There is an on-going dangerous realignment of US forces in Asia including Japan, along with Okinawa and the Republic of Korea, with the aim of globalising the US policy of pre-emptive war. In the same regard, the USA is attempting to make its allies in Asia and the Pacific work with NATO. The WPC expresses its support and solidarity with the movement against this US plan and for the removal of all US bases from their territory. The WPC expresses its solidarity with the Japanese movement to defend the Article 9 of the constitution, which renounces war and prohibits the nation from possessing military forces.
The WPC expresses its solidarity with the Korean people in their desire to achieve the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula according to the June 15th Joint Declaration made between North and South Korea. The WPC salutes the six party talks for the peaceful resolution of the conflict, and at the same time demands that the US puts an end to its hostile policy against the DPR Korea.
The WPC expresses its full support to the Vietnamese people for the ongoing suffering of more than one million victims of the toxic “Agent Orange” used by the USA in their dirty war against Vietnam. The WPC calls upon all members and friends of the WPC to join actively the international campaign for the compensation of the victims and the total ban of all chemical weapons.
The WPC expresses its support for the right of the people of the People’s Republic of China to determine their matters without foreign interference and rejects any instrumentalization of the Olympic Games for political purposes.
The WPC, when holding its Assembly in Latin America, values the new political reality in the region, which is a growing stronghold of resistance against imperialism in the current world. After powerful social and political struggles against neoliberalism, the peoples inflicted significant defeats on imperialism. These processes have, as an aim, seeking for their own and sovereign paths by their nations and peoples and the confrontation to imperialist hegemony in the region. We specially value the experiences from Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and others; that face the open threats and intimidations from imperialism.
Likewise, we value the progress of the different and complementary regional integration processes, such as the Bolivarian Alternative of the Americas (ALBA), the South American Union of Nations (Unasur) and Mercosur; and we declare, right now, our support to the full incorporation of Venezuela to Mercosur. We applaud the defeat of the annexionist proposal of the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA).
The WPC condemns the acts of the reactionary forces of the local oligarchy to overthrow the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela in collaboration with the USA and its allies in the region and Europe. The WPC also condemns the secessionist intentions of the oligarchy in Bolivia. We support the efforts for constructing a society of justice, peace, and solidarity in accordance with the wishes of the people.
The WPC condemns the recent attacks made by Colombia on Ecuador, which are explicitly the new phase of Plan Colombia, and which represent the attempts to impose US imperialism’s strategy of pre-emptive war, on the region. The WPC denounces the assassination of the FARC leaders and negotiators. The WPC congratulates the leaders of Venezuela and Ecuador for resolving the tension peacefully. The “Humanitarian Exchange”, proposed by Hugo Chávez, must be implemented.
The WPC condemns the existence of foreign bases throughout Latin America, including the ones in Honduras (Forward Operational Locations) and the School of the Americas in El Salvador, a country that has been forced to send troops to Iraq. We also declare our support to the sovereign decision of President Rafael Correa of Ecuador for closing the US base in Manta in 2009.
The WPC expresses its support for the people of French Guyana for their right of self-determination. Likewise, it demands the decolonization of all Caribbean territories.
The WPC expresses its deep respect and solidarity to the Cuban people, which are continuously defending their revolution against all types of manipulation and blockades. The WPC reiterates its demands for the lifting of the US blockade against Cuba and for the release of the Five Cuban political prisoners held unlawfully in the USA.
The WPC is denouncing the new escalation in the developments on the "imperialist chessboard" of the Balkans, with the separatist and unilateral declaration of "independence" of the Kosovo. This is a new act of flagrant violation of the sovereignty of Serbia as an independent state, of the International law and the relevant UN resolutions. The WPC is expressing its solidarity with the peoples of ex-Yugoslavia and calling upon the peace loving forces in the area to unite and coordinate common actions against the imperialist plans.
The WPC is expressing its support and solidarity with the peoples of Poland and the Czech Republic, who are rejecting the deployment of US “Missile Defence Shield” bases in their countries. The USA uses, as a pretext for its plans to construct US military bases of the missile defence system in the Czech Republic and Poland, the non-existing nuclear threat of Iran. The real reason is to gain ability to make a first strike without any fear of a counter-strike. This US policy of building a missile defence system has to be stopped.
WPC expresses its solidarity with the Cypriot people for a unified, independent, bizonal and bi-communal Federation in accordance with the UN resolutions and high-level talks, without foreign bases and troops, a common homeland for Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots with neither “guarantors” nor “protectors”.
Africa is the target of new economic and political interference and exploitation by old and neo-colonial rulers, aiming in the further plundering of its resources and at the same time ground for distribution of new markets. The WPC denounces the imperialist imposition of economic sanctions on countries which do not comply with the wish of the powerful, with the pretext of lack of democracy, violation “human rights”. In this context we demand the lifting of the economic sanctions by the USA and the EU against the Zimbabwean people and for its right to determine its own land and future.
The presence of numerous European military bases and increased deployment of military forces in Africa (namely the EU mission in Chad and the Central African Republic) are cases for deep concern considering the past and in view of future developments in that continent. Imperialism expresses a tendency to intervene in the region by using as a pretext the internal conflicts in Sudan. The WPC expresses its support for a sustainable solution of peace in this country, without any foreign military intervention.
The WPC expresses its firm solidarity with the people of Democratic Arab Republic of Sahara, for its decades of suffering and oppression. The Council underlines its support to the struggle for freedom of the Saharawi people and for a political solution, mutually accepted between the Polissario Front and Morocco.
In the face of the current development of the conflicting situations in the African Continent; especially in Sudan’s Darfour, in the Central African Republic, in Zimbabwe, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Democratic Arab Republic of Sahara etc., the WPC General Assembly encourages and supports all the actions for peace and détente carried out by the African peace movements in favour of the peoples in the conflicting nations.
Challenged by the imperialist attempts of the USA to dominate the world along with its allies, we the delegates of the Assembly of the WPC, express our confidence and trust in humanity for its future. Through the massive and coordinated struggles of our peoples we can achieve our objectives. As certain examples of anti-imperialist resistance and struggle clearly show, the future is bright for humanity.
The Assembly calls upon all organizations and movements on the national, regional and international levels those are ready to work and fight to defend peace against imperialist plans, to unite our voices and action for a world of peace, equality, justice and solidarity.