The wall is a massive land-grab which attempts to create a Palestinian reservation inside a Greater Israel. Peace can never be brought about by such actions.

According to the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice in the Hague 9th of July 2004, "the construction of the wall being built by Israel, the occupying power, in the occupied territory, including in and around East Jerusalem, and its associated regime, are contrary to international law. The construction of the wall severely impedes the exercise by the Palestinian people of its right to self-determination". The wall will allow for Israel the control of about one half of the West Bank. Some of the jost fertile land in Palestine as well as precious water resources will be turned into closed zones and enclaves between the wall and the Green Line. According to the UN "the damage caused by the destruction of land and property for the wall’s construction is irreversible and undermines Palestinians’ ability to ever recover even if the political situation allows conditions to improve".

The parties of NELF firmly distance themselves from any kind of terror. It is under the pretext of security that Israel is building the wall. We condemn the use of suicide bombers attacking Israeli citizens, but the wall is not a guarantee against this terror. On the contrary the wall is a part of a policy which includes Israeli state terror against the Palestinians as houses belonging to innocent people are shot to pieces by helicopters, tank bulldozing refugee camps, and people dying because they are unable to reach doctors and hospitals. This policy surely will lead to new suicide bombers not less. The separation wall is a part of a long-term policy of occupation, discrimination and expulsion that amount to ethnic cleansing and to the destruction of material basis for the survival and development of the Palestinian society as a whole. A viable and sovereign Palestinian state will become impossible, as is the aim of the Israeli government.

Left parties of Europe urge you to join us to exert your influence on the state of Israel and all other related parties with the following demands:

* Call For International Intervention
Volunteers from human rights organisations, NGOs as well as political parties must strengthen their efforts to monitor the situation in the occupied territories and a UN peace-keeping force is urgently needed in a steadily deteriorating situation in to pressure Israel to withdraw from all the 1967 occupied territories.

* International Support For The Non-Violent Activities Against The Wall
We urge all political parties and NGOs for full international support of the non-violent activities that are carried out by the human rights and other peace movements both in Palestine and Israel, as well as mass demonstrations and sit-ins by the citizens.

* Expose The Real Reason Behind The Wall’s Construction
The policy of the Israeli government of today is to create facts on the ground, which destroy the possibilities of any kind of process towards peace. The two-states solution is becoming impossible, and the Palestinians are forced to leave under inhuman conditions. The only way of solving the issue is to insist on the implementation of the UN resolution 194, 242 and 338.

* Stop Arms Trade And Boycott Products From The Illegal Israeli Settlements
We urge citizens, volunteer organisations, labour unions, consumer co-ops, political parties and businesses to boycott goods and products from the illegal Israeli settlements. Buying and selling these products constitutes active support for the illegal occupation. It also violates international law. Imports and exports of arms to and from Israel must be stopped.

* Suspend The EU’s Trade Agreement With Israel
The EU has a preferential trade agreement with Israel, the Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement. As a result, Israel enjoys the right of free trade with the countries of the EU. The agreement contains provisions that demand respect for democracy and human rights. As long as Israel fails to honour life, property and freedom of movement, the trade agreement should be suspended.

Stop The Wall – Give Peace A Chance!