Statement of the European Communist Action in Solidarity with the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV)

January 3, 2024


The European Communist Action expresses its firm solidarity with the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), which is currently under severe attack by the PSUV’s regime in power in the country.

The contraction of oil revenue has led the PSUV’s government to expedite continuous concessions to the bourgeoisie, accompanied by increasing restrictions on the political and labor-union rights of the working class and by intensifying repression of the proletarian resistance. A bundle of measures was promoted which established the cancellation of collective bargaining agreements and social protections for workers, the deregulation of the labor market, the freezing of wages at the minimum level for all sectors, the liberalization of prices, the privatization of public companies, the abolition of import duties and taxes, the writing off of the savings of the working class due to out-of-control inflation stimulated by the dollarization of economy and the consequent devaluation of the bolivar – a real gift to the national and foreign capitalist bourgeoisie, worthy of the worst anti-popular governments but paradoxically seasoned with anti-imperialist, patriotic and “progressive” rhetoric, which highlighted the objective limits of the Bolivarian process and the so-called socialism of the 21st century, within the framework of yet another anti-popular management of capitalism.

The PCV opposed these anti-popular measures with all its strength and consistently mobilized on the terrain of class struggle in defense of proletarian interests, challenging the growing repression implemented by the regime against its militants and labor union activists, and was even persecuted, in an intolerable crescendo of anti-communism.

The ECA condemns the attack that the PSUV and Maduro’s government are waging against the PCV, which has culminated in an unacceptable legal fraud, with the theft of the identity, symbol and name of the PCV by creating a fake communist party.

The European Communist Action stands resolutely alongside the PCV in its struggle to counter the plans of US imperialism, the Venezuelan bourgeoisie, to defend its organizational-ideological and political independence and the resolutions of its congress against the PSUV’s interventions directed against the working class and people of Venezuela.

In addition to strongly calling for the immediate lifting of the imperialist sanctions that have seriously impacted  the Venezuelan people, the European Communist Action:

–        demands an end to the unacceptable interference of the Maduro’s government and the Venezuelan state against the PCV, aimed at the proscription of the Party;

–        demands an end to the persecution of the PCV, its militants and the most combative labor union activists, carried out by the PSUV’s regime;

–        demands the cessation of anti-communist and anti-worker repression, the immediate release of the communist and labor-unionist political prisoners unjustly detained in Venezuelan prisons, and the revocation of the Judgment no. 1160 of the Supreme Court of Justice, which has fraudulently provided a pretext for the theft of the legal identity of the PCV.

By defending the PCV we defend the right of the working class to organize itself independently and autonomously, without any interference from the bourgeois state!

Hands off the PCV!