The NO victory in Ireland puts an end to the Lisbon Treaty.


This result is of great importance and wide political significance – considering that it was achieved in the context of huge pressures from the main leaders of the European Union – and constitutes a significant defeat of the project of intensifying neo-liberalism and militarism in Europe and of the design, pursued by the governments and the big economic and financial groups, of a European Union as a directorate of the great powers.


The communist parties and other left and progressive forces within the EU salute the working class and the entire Irish people for their valuable contribution in putting a stop to the course followed by this Treaty and are overjoyed with the result, which demands an immediate suspension of the ratification processes. They also warn that there is no room for delaying manoeuvres aiming to bypass the rejection of the Treaty, as in 2005 following the NO victory in France and in the Netherlands, and denounce the anti-democratic nature of this whole process.

They express their determination to continue the struggle for a Europe committed to social justice, to solidarity and cooperation among peoples and countries, a Europe of peace among sovereign States, equal in rights.


They further stress their commitment to the developing and supporting the ongoing important struggles in several European countries in defence of social and labour rights and to raising a strong barrier against the neo-liberal capitalist offensive embodied in the now defeated Treaty.


The Parties:


Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

Left Party in Sweden

Communist Party of Luxembourg

Communist Party of Ireland

Workers Party of Ireland

German Communist Party

Workers Party of Belgium

Communist Party of Britain

Communist Party in Denmark

Communist Party of Spain

Communist Party of Finland

French Communist Party

Communist Party of Greece

New Communist Party of Netherlands

Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party

Party of the Italian Communists

Portuguese Communist Party

Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia


Lisbon, June 2008.