This is the English translation of the Final Declaration of the Anti-Imperialist Conference of Solidarity  for Democracy and against Neo-liberalism that met in Havana, Cuba,  November 1-3, 2019.

There were 1332 representatives of 789 social and people’s movement organizations, of solidarity movements, networks, platforms and regional and global organizations; political parties, parliamentarians, religious groups and intellectuals from 86 countries attended the conference.  The conference was attended by Rich Giovanoni representing this website,

Final Declaration

From this Cuba with such solidarity, the first free territory in the Americas, recognizing the heroic resistance of its people and the victories attained over sixty years of Revolution, we have shared our struggles and hopes, we the 1332 representatives of 789 social and people’s movement organizations, of solidarity movements, networks, platforms and regional and global organizations, of political parties, parliamentarians, religious groups and intellectuals from 86 countries.

We come from every corner of the world, with a long history of solidarity actions facing imperialist aggression against the Cuban Revolution, committed to all just causes and as part of the efforts for unity in action and coordinated struggle, to meet here in Havana at the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Encounter, for Democracy and against Neoliberalism, from the first to the third of November of 2019.

We are experiencing a new moment in history. People casting their ballots, people in the streets and on the social networks demonstrating with their votes and protests, the waning of the oligarchic right-wing’s conservative imperial offensive and neoliberal restoration in alliance with religious fundamentalism, media power capital and transnational enterprises that, in the hands of predatory US imperialism, excludes broad sectors of the population, destroys honest work, life in harmony with nature and places the human species at risk.

The peoples are demonstrating that it is indeed possible to overthrow the imperial offensive which aims to resort to criminalization of social protest, the confinement and

displacement populations, the murder of social and political leaders, feminicide, the persecution of the leaders of progressive governments and the judicialization of politics.

Times of hope have opened up. Unity is vital and constitutes our duty; mobilization is the order of the day; organization of the people is the imminent task; and integration is the strategy that will lead us on to victory.

At this crucial time, we agree to:

1. Take on our Declaration of Solidarity with Cuba approved at this Encounter, mobilizing in permanent actions which are intensive, systematic and which have high media impact against the escalated aggression of the Yankee Empire, as part of the “Hands off Cuba” international campaign.

2. Demand lifting the strengthened, criminal and genocidal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba by the US government, and to support the Resolution to be presented at the United Nations General Assembly on the 6th and 7th of November of 2019, confident of yet another overwhelming victory for the international community.

3. Denounce the different kinds of threats and aggressions on all sovereign governments that refuse to serve the hegemonic power that seeks to install military bases in their territories and usurp their strategic resources.

4. Reaffirm and defend the validity of the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace.

5. Denounce the grave risks in store for Latin America, the Caribbean and the world, the decision to activate the Inter- American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR in its Spanish language acronym)) oriented towards militarily backing the US government’s zeal to revive the Monroe Doctrine.

6. Express our steadfast solidarity with the Bolivarian and Chavist Revolution, the civilian-military union of the people and their legitimate President, Nicolás Maduro Moros, who has steadfastly defended Venezuela’s sovereignty from all types of aggression by the United States government and its allies taking measures against the true diplomatic representatives of the Venezuelan government. Support the dialogue with sectors of the opposition to maintain peace in Venezuela.

7. Intensify our mobilization in the demand for the immediate freedom of comrade Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva, victim of lawfare, which has as its aim the persecution and incarceration of left-wing political and Latin American progressive leaders.

8. Congratulate the people of the Plurinational State of Bolivia for their electoral victory and President Evo Morales Ayma on his re-election, as a result of measures benefiting the people and economic growth. Likewise, we denounce the attempts at coup d’états and destabilization unleashed by sectors of the opposition, instigated by the United States, against peace and public safety in Bolivia.

9. Condemn the attempts of the US administration to destabilize the government of Nicaragua and reiterate the right of its people to Peace.

10. Demand independence for Puerto Rico, a Latin American and Caribbean nation submitted to over a century of US colonial domination, where its people victoriously rally in the streets against annexionist government policies.

11. Express our steadfast solidarity with the nations of the Caribbean in their legitimate claim for reparations for the repercussions of slavery, and for the fair and differential treatment in dealing with climate change, according to their special circumstances and their situation of greater vulnerability.

12. Support the historic demand of the Argentinian people to recover the Malvinas Islands, territory which legitimately belongs to them.

13. Denounce those governments that, following the dictates of Yankee Imperialism and the recipes of the International Monetary Fund, violently impose their neoliberal shock policies on their peoples, deepening social injustice and especially affecting the most vulnerable sectors in society. Energetically condemn the use of force and repression to attempt to crush the just claims of the social and people’s movements.

14. Defend the decision of the people of Chile to bravely revolt in the streets to open the great avenues against the repressive and antipopular policies of the government, and condemn the use of torture, violations, mutilations and death of Chilean citizens at the hands of the repressive bodies of that country.

15. Condemn the repression in Ecuador and the toll in human lives for that brother country which is dealing with the neoliberal package [of policies]. .

16. Reject the pro-imperialist government of Jair Bolsonaro, subservient to the interests of the United States and engaged in reversing the advances attained in that sister nation, destroying the processes of integration and all progressive and left-wing expressions in the region.

17. Support the right of the Colombia people to peace and defend the full implementation of the Final Agreement to achieve it, demand that the government respects the lives of former combatants and political and social leaders. We call on the return to the Dialogue Table with the National Liberation Army.

18. Express our deepest solidarity with the sister people of Haiti in their struggle for social justice, historic reparations and honorable life.

19. State our support to the struggle of the people of Honduras and their legitimate grievances.

20. Congratulate the people of Argentina and their President- elect Alberto Fernández for the well-deserved victory at the ballots boxes, bringing the defeat of neoliberalism and the recovery of hope and dignity for that nation.

21. Commend the government of Manuel Lopez Obrador and its contribution to the unity of Latin American and the Caribbean, in defense of the principles of non-intervention and respect for sovereignty.

22. Express our support and solidarity with the Frente Amplio of Uruguay which defends the continuity of the advances attained on behalf of their people in the last three 5-year terms.

23. Denounce the meddling of imperialism in the domestic affairs of countries in Africa and the Middle East, the aggression and wars unleashed, under the so-called crusade against terrorism, for the control of natural resources in those regions. Reject the coercive economic measures against Zimbabwe.

24. Support the historic cause of the struggle of the Sahrawi and Palestinian peoples for their right to self-determination.

25. Demand the end of imperialist intervention against Syria and the full respect for its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

26. Welcome the process of rapprochement and dialogue between the two Koreas. Condemn the unilateral sanctions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

27. Reject all forms of discrimination and violence on the grounds of gender, skin color, religious belief, sexual orientation or any other manifestation that runs counter to the dignity and integrity of persons and to call for solidarity with their agendas of struggle, and to recognize the contributions of the women’s and feminist movements in the emancipatory processes.

28. Defend the aboriginal people’s rights for their culture, territories, traditions and ancestral customs. Express our support for the Afro-descendant communities and the minorities in their struggles for their demands.

29. Recognize the protagonist position and commitment to struggle of the youth as the persons who will faithfully continue the emancipatory and internationalist legacy of our forefathers.

30. Strongly condemn the current anti-immigrant policy of the governments of the United States and the European Union, as well as of all fascist, xenophobic and racist manifestations.

31. Denounce the current McCarthyist crusade of the US government and the anti-communist campaign occurring in Europe.

32. Call for global struggle to defend natural resources, biodiversity, food sovereignty and security, Mother Earth and social conquests and rights.

33. Strengthen the response to cultural and symbolic warfare whose battleground is the dispute over the subjectivity of human beings, connecting the media war on the Internet with the digital social media, feeding the networks of truth against the offensive of lies spread by neoliberal imperialism.


We reiterate the importance of moving forward to build anti- imperialist unity among the left-wing political forces and the social and people’s movements in regard to plurality, diversity and the sovereign right of the peoples to freely choose their own form of political, economic and social organization, convinced that unity is the only route leading to victory in the faceoff with the principal enemy of the peoples: Yankee imperialism and that of its allies.

We thank the people, the Government of the Island of Liberty and Unity and the Cuban Chapter of Social Movements for their hospitality and eternal solidarity. We shall continue at your side, committed to your social project and with the promise of divulging the truth about this invincible Revolution.

This Encounter reaffirms the will to fight of our peoples and constitutes a formidable incentive to continue moving forward, aware that we shall continue resisting until victory.

Faced with the plans for the disintegration of imperialism and the conservative, oligarchic and neoliberal right wing, we oppose it with the integrating sovereign and honorable plan of our peoples. Let us unite to demand our right to development, to life and to the future. Anti-imperialist unity is the tactic and strategy leading to victory.

Mr. Imperialist: Hands off Cuba!
We the people continue the struggle! ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!