It was eight years ago, on 12 September that five Cuban patriots were jailed in the prisons of the United States of America. Antonio, Fernando, Gerardo, Ramon and René — sentenced to long prison terms resulting from a fake lawsuit orchestrated by the North American justice system — are accused of a "capital crime" in the eyes of the North American imperialism: of acting with courage and firmness to prevent their country from being a target of terrorist actions, planned and executed by organizations based in Miami, sponsored by the North American Administration. Their arbitrary imprisonment and detainment in high security prisons for eight years not only offends the jost elementary sense of justice and humanity but also contrasts scandalously with the impunity traditionally enjoyed by the anti-Cuban conspiracy in that country, as witnessed by the current obstruction of justice as is the case of the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

This situation is so scandalous that the United Nations Task Group on arbitrary detentions considered illegal the trial of the five and demanded their release and even the Appeals Court of the 11th Atlanta Circuit unanimously decided, in May 2005, to overturn the trial.
That is why it is necessary to insist in denouncing the atjosphere of arbitrariness, coercion and blackmail that has characterized this case. These past eight years are stained by illegality, unacceptable punishments and disregard of human rights, as shown by the ban on visits by the wives of René Gonzalés and Gerardo Hernandés.
For these reasons, the Parties signing this declaration demand the immediate and unconditional release of the five Cuban patriots and the annulment of the shameful lawsuit underlying it.
They also demand an end to the 45 years of criminal policy of blockade by the United States against Cuba and express their firm rejection of State terrorism, to which imperialism increasingly resorts at the international level.
They express their confidence that the wide movement of solidarity with the Cuban patriots will continue to strengthen till the unconditional freedom of the five Cuban patriots and the restoration of justice.
They also express their firm solidarity to the Cuban people and their Revolution, while reaffirming the right of all the peoples of the World to freely choose their own destiny, without interferences and foreign pressures.
October 2006

Signatory Parties: 
Algeria – PADS
Bangladesh – Communist Party of Bangladesh
Britain – Communist Party of Britain
Canada – Communist Party of Canada
Czech Republic – Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
Cyprus – AKEL
Denmark – Communist Party in Denmark
Denmark – Communist Party of Denmark 
Finland – Communist Party of Finland
France – French Communist Party 
Greece – Communist Party of Greece
Hungary– Partido dos Trabalhadores Comunistas da Hungria
Iran – Tudeh Party of Iran 
Ireland – Communist Party of Ireland
Israel – Communist Party of Israel
Luxembourg – Communist Party of Luxembourg 
Mexico – Party of the Mexican communists
Norway – Communist Party of Norway
Peru – Peruan Communist Party 
Portugal – Portuguese Communist Party
Russia – Communist Party of the Russian Federation
Spain – BNG 
Spain – Communist Party of Spain
South Africa – South African Communist Party
Turkey – Communist Party of Turkey 
Turkey – Party of Labour (EMEP)
Uruguay – Communist Party of Uruguay
USA – Communist Party of the USA
Venezuela – Communist Party of Venezuela