The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), the only international expression of the class-oriented trade union movement and representing 97 million workers in 130 countries around the world, expresses its warmest support and internationalist solidarity with the general strike of December 5 in France.

The working class of France, after the call of the CGT France, will take the streets and stop production, claiming its contemporary needs, against the recipes of capital, the bourgeois government of Macron and the European Union.

The main sectors of the country will participate in the class-oriented mobilizations, especially transport, commerce and services, education, energy, public services, refineries, agri-food industry, the waste collection and treatment sector, the automobile industry, hospitals, firefighters, ports and  media among others.

While the mobilizations of the last period showed that bourgeois power can bleed, now the workers of France can further strengthen the resistance of the peoples of Europe against the anti-labor measures promoted in every corner of the continent, paralyzing and blocking production.

The WFTU commits itself to continue steadily on the side of the working class of France, supporting its just struggles, for the end of capitalist exploitation.

We call on all workers in France, regardless of their union affiliation, to participate in the December 5 strike and ignore the calls of the ETUC bureaucratic nomenclature which is aligned with the European bourgeois class.

Dear colleagues, hold fast !

All united in the struggle !

The WFTU Secretariat

Athens, Greece