July 27, 2020

Dear Friends:

Simon Trinidad is peace negotiator for the FARC, currently serving a life sentence at the super max federal prison in Florence, Colorado under conditions where he can receive no mail or visitors and is only allowed one hour a day in the general prison population.

July 30th is Simon Trinidad’s 70th birthday.  An international campaign has been organized to celebrate this political prisoner and demand his release.

Please send a birthday greeting to Simon Trinidad via email at <simontrinidadlibre@gmail.com>

Join the Twitter Storm on July 30th. Use hashtags #FreeSimonTrinidad  @realDonaldTrump  @SimonTrinidadLi  @IvanDuque  @JEP_Colombia

Circulate this message and the leaflet below
For further information check out these links and the website www.FreeSimonTrinidad.org