November 16, 2015

After the Attacks of November 13… 

Following the cowardly attacks carried out  on November 13, [French President] Hollande called on all political party leaders for a “Sacred Union” to ensure, he says, the defense of the country against DAESH [ISIS] and the Islamic army. From the Socialist Party to the National Front, the Republicans, the IDUs [Internationall Democrat Union, center-right parties] , the Greens, and the Left Front, all have responded to the call.

All have agreed that France should embark on an escalation of the war in the Middle East regardless of the growing dangers posed for our own country.

In a recent statement our Party has stressed that such policy inevitably leads to the aggravation of the war throughout the region with massive destruction, ravaged populations driven from their country. This inevitably leads to increased insecurity in ours.

The repeated interventions in Syria have only one purpose for those conducting these operations, namely, to ensure positions of  dominance in the region. This is what happened in Iraq and Libya, where they destroyed the states, dismantled the countries and put the peoples under the thumb of mercenaries serving major capitalist groups and their states, whether it be the United States, France, Great Britain, Europe.

DAESH is a terrorist organization born from the military interventions of the USA, France, and the countries engaged with them. The only positive option for France is to act for peace in the Middle East. It is to defend the rights of the peoples of this region to decide their own future. If a country like France  were to  play such a role, one can imagine the impact around the world, and the consequences.

Let us fight to impose a just peace in the Middle East. It is urgent.  “We are at war” exclaimed Holland, supported by all the parties of the “national union.” All French people must be willing to limit their freedoms, he basically declared, loudly supported by all media.

The constitutional revision prepares the abolition of democratic freedoms, but there is more. Let us think of all that has been voted and of what the government is planning: the Macron Law, the threat to all social rights, to all social guarantees. You want peace, security in our country, democracy? Say it at the regional elections on 6 and 13 December, by voting for the Communist Revolutionary Party,  le Parti Révolutionnaire Communistes.

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France-75014 Paris